Thursday, August 19, 2010

Whoomp ... there it is ...

"Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point."  CS Lewis

And you thought it was going to be another "all about Wii" post ... ha! Fooled you...  Here's the scoop ... I finished the 30 day challenge ... in 45 days ... at the end of June ... there were no fireworks, no parade, no grand feeling of accomplishment ... just a small surge of adrenaline while I tore threw the house doing last minute cleaning, packing, bill paying, and laundry ... so we could enjoy clean linens when we returned.

Then it was off to the land of my birth, Pittsburgh, PA ... to reunite with friends and family for 10 non-stop fun-filled days.  Upon our return, there were four 10 - 12 hour days of preparation for our Bible School at church ... it was a rain forest theme ... and we constructed a 95 foot long bridge ... over not-so-troubled water.  It was a foot bridge, with rope handrail ... Although, on second thought, it may have been a little troubled - or more specifically, I was a little troubled wondering why I scheduled my vacation so close to my commitment to crafting a hallway for VBS. 
After a week of Bible School (helping with story time for 3 and 4 year olds ... that's another story in itself), I decided to start the Wii challenge for the 3rd time.  Again, no fan fare, no parade, no nothin'.  It was quite anti-climatic.  I am 10 workouts in, in 18 days ... my son had strep throat and school started and a host of other excuses.   So I've stopped the Wii journal entries for now.  Just know that I will probably mention it again.  But there are other things to discuss ... it's not just about "Wii" you know.  

So where does the C.S. Lewis quote come in?  In hindsight, I need to give myself some credit for actually trying this challenge thing the 3rd time.  Sure, my husband, who I adore, cannot stick with this for very long ... and has abandoned me to my own fate ... so I really am on my own here.   Me and my Mii.  Running has not been consistent ... I blame the 100+ degree heat index because I have to blame something, as I'm trying to give myself a little credit.

Courage comes in many forms ... there are those who need courage to get up in the morning, courage to eat (or not eat so much), courage to breath, courage to face each challenge. When we look more closely, we see that we are courageous in so many unique ways.  Courage to stand up to a bully at school(or at work), courage to face fears, courage to try something new, courage to stop something old, courage to organize (and re-organize) your legos (you can take that metaphorically if you'd like), anyway - you get the picture.  There's a point here that should not be overlooked.  I'm off now to continue building (rebuilding) my lego castle and think maybe about exercising ... again.  But before I go, out of curiosity, from where or from Whom do you get your courage?
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