Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wii are poetry in motion

That's what the Wii Personal Trainer said this morning ... I strongly disagree.  Jumping lunges are not my forte, but she said I was poetry in motion ... I think she was being patronizing and I resent that! And I resent the fact that I resent a digital personal trainer ...

My thoughts have rapidly spiraled out of control ... might be due to lack of sleep ... might be due to stress ... might be due to increased amounts of caffeine ... might be all of the above ... but all that aside, I only have two more workouts left in my 30 day challenge ... and I will finish it this time ... even if it kills me (metaphorically speaking, that is.)

I have completed 18 workouts in 45 days ... it's not pretty, and yes, I realize that means I have exceeded the 30 day challenge ... AGAIN, but who's counting? I mean, besides the Wii Personal Trainer ... I'm just looking for completing all 20 - and then starting AGAIN ... because I am a glutton for punishment and monotony ... and lunges.

Dare I mention how I feel about squats?  Probably not ... it wouldn't be pretty, but it might be poetry ... in motion.  Something like this -

To exercise or not ...
this is how I think -
Please don't make me do another squat -
but happily another cup of java I will drink.

My thighs cry out in pain -
Oh! the agony in those quads
If I do another set AGAIN -
upon the Wii I will trod ...

And stomp and destroy -
this so called "toy" does NOT bring Mii joy.
Not at all ... for who in their right mind
Would repeat this challenge grind?

Apparently the answer is my Mii
Off my rocker ... apparently.

Valor BD-3 Squat Stands
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Tumblewords: said...

Kind of laughing. I know the drill, even though I only use the Wii when I visit owners. The Trainer cracks me up - but maybe I've been alone too long. :) Poetry. Hmm.

Lisa said...

Ahh, Tumblewords! How I've missed you! Have I provided some inspiration for your art? Spirals, odd angles, remotes flying through the air? It's good to know that someone finds the trainer amusing ... and that I've provided some "kind of laughter" to counteract my "kind of" pain! ;-)