Saturday, May 22, 2010

There is no we in Wii

It's just you ... or more specifically, me ... my Mii ... who I created 5 months ago, got a makeover this morning. I changed her clothes, gave her a new ponytail, and a pair of Ray-Bans. My 7 year old son, popped in while I was on my last exercise, and said, "Mommy, you look different ... is that really you?"

"Of course it's me ... who else do you think it is?"

"But you look different."

"In a good way?" (I am doing alternating lunges while having this conversation. It is also important to note that last Saturday morning, while we were having breakfast, my son commented that he thought I should lose some body fat ... not a lot mind you, just a little - so he said, because he didn't think my stomach was as flat as it could be.)

"Well, I guess in a good way."

"Well, I guess almost two weeks of consistent exercise is paying off!"

"No, Mommy, your Mii."

"What? I am you?"

"No, your Wii Mii looks different."

"Oh. Thanks for noticing ..."

"Why did you change your outfit and do your hair differently?"

"She was sweaty. (as I completed the last lunge)"

"How do you know?"

"I just do."

"OK then, keep at it." And then he ran back upstairs.

So, no ... there is no "We/Wii" - it's just "Me/Mii". Isn't that the truth? I have completed 8 workouts in 11 days in this round of the 30 day challenge but hesitant to declare any type of victory - I've been at this point before ... and, we're going to the beach for a week ... Maybe one day, either my husband or son will join Mii again ... and Wii can be in this together ... but for now, I'm on Mii own.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Wii'd but I didn't want to ...

That's three workouts in 4 days ... (I took a rest day to regroup after day 2, it was exhausting - ok, not really) ... I dare not get excited about this ... yet. It's too easy to come up with reasons not to insert the disc into the Wii ... and click A on the Wii remote ... (um, my thumb hurts ... it does, I wouldn't make that up ... although, I might slightly embellish for conversational filler ... but ...
I think that I may be over-stressing it because of my blackberry - technology is dangerous to your health which is why I am using the Wii as a Personal Trainer ... in person personal training seems so, well, personal).

Anyway, I did it ... I didn't want to (on day three and day four) - but I did it. 26.2 miles seems far to me now ... just one step at a time though ... it all begins with the first step ... even if you have to take that first step more than once!

But that's another story.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Wii have expired ...

I'm not even sure I can type this without laughing ...
nope, I can't ...
well, anyway - my 30 day Wii Personal Training Challenge ... has officially expired.
No, really? You think? Considering I started it at the end of December, 2009 and it is now May 10, 2010?

Sure, I'll state the obvious, what the heck ... that's more than 30 days. Yes. I. know.

So I inserted the disc into the Wii this morning. The Wii has been relocated, just one of the countless reasons (legitimate and otherwise) that I have abandoned the Wii fitness challenge.

I inserted the disc - reluctantly ... after procrastinating for over an hour (drinking coffee, perusing facebook, even talked to my mom on the phone) - just didn't want to do it. I DID NOT want to go down that road again - fearing failure.

And then it hit me, "Lisa, you goof, you know you'll feel better - just do it for grins and a blog post (which you have also abandoned)." Spending most of the day alone tends to increase the amount one talks to oneself.

But then I couldn't find the Wii remotes ... and then I couldn't find the stupid leg strap ... and then I forgot my water, and then (after another 15 minutes of running up and down the stairs) I finally managed to click "A" to start.

I had to reset my goals (unfortunately, there was no 180 day challenge to complete 20 workouts). I had to fill in the daily journal (that was hilarious since yesterday was Mother's Day and I essentially "relaxed on the porch" the entire day - until I moved into the family room, where I relaxed on the sofa for the majority of the evening. Only pausing to do some laundry - because well, a day without laundry is just well, I don't know ... wrong somehow.

Where was I? The 30 day challenge. I slammed through that 1st day ... nailed it ... ok, well, sort of -I selected low intensity (didn't want to raise the bar too high, you know). I didn't even pause to re-watch the instruction videos. I figured that my body would remember how to do squats. I was right.

So, I'm Wii-starting the challenge. Let that be a lesson ... in what I don't know yet, but I'll think of something. It's 20 workouts... seriously, I think I can do this in 30 days. I managed to do 28 in 60 days ... surely, surely ... oh, and I've also decided to train for another marathon.

Dreaming big in Legoland ....

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