Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wii-started ... again

Yes, I know - Wii were sick ... and then Wii got better ... and then Wii got sick again ... and all the while, our physical Wii ... began to send us subliminal messages ... like, our clothes shrunk - what's up with that?

So yesterday, February 10th, 2010 ... 02/10/2010 - I just kind of like the way the date looks numerically ... I started again -oh no wait, I started again on 2/9/10 - shoot. OK, whatever. So the point is I started again.

I don't believe my husband started again, but he says he will ... one day. So for now, it's not really Wii (we) any more, it's just Mii (me). I created a "Mean" Mii and a "Nice" Mii ... but I'll save that for another time.

With great hesitation, I popped in the Wii Personal Trainer disc. It didn't burst into flames as I feared. Neither did the remote and nunchuk ... which felt so foreign in my hands. It even saved my place. Although, I did interpret of bit of a smirk when the "journal" popped up with over 2 weeks of "rest" days. The little bubble read:
"Last Profile Used: Lisa (well, duh)
Last Setting: Easy (again, well duh)"
And then it made a sarcastic laugh.

I left the settings as they were and began (again). It went more quickly than I anticipated and the burning sensation in my hamstrings and quads from the double sets of jump squats, squat holds, and alternating lunges only lasted for a few hours - um, I mean minutes. Apparently, when it saves your place, it "assumes" that you will be physically able to pick up from where you left off ... naturally. Well, we all know what "assumes" does for you - or in this case, does for me (Mii).

For now, I have 4 more to go ... to complete the "challenge" which of course, I blew out of the water and not in a good way. But that's OK ... IT'S JUST FINE ... I'll finish it - unless I get sick again in which case, I will finish it later ... BUT I WILL FINISH IT. And then, I'll start again ... and maybe even again ... until I can complete the STUPID 20 WORKOUTS IN 30 DAYS ...

So lesson learned. When I do the next 30 day challenge (oh, and I will), I will not take a 16 day hiatus in the middle. Ow.