Friday, January 22, 2010


I have completed 13 of the 20 workouts in the 30 day Wii Personal Challenge (using the Wii Personal Trainer "game") ... and it hasn't even been 30 days yet. I find this to be a win, already. As a matter of fact, I think I may create a trophy for it and then quit while I'm ahead.

The thing that continually amuses me about the software is that the Personal Trainer, who I have named, Ramone, follows his comment of, "I can see you're having trouble with this exercise" with the comment, "Keep up the great work, you made this look easy." Sending those types of mixed signals is akin to putting hot fudge and cookie dough on non fat ice cream topped with fresh whipped cream.

At first, this frustrated the endorphins right out of me ... but now I find it amusing ... mainly because I can eject him any time I want. It's very satisfying in a slightly sadistic kind of way. Not that I actually do it ... but just knowing I have the power ... you get my drift.

I am doing much better at the coordination type exercises ... finally getting those rights and lefts at the "right" time - hard to believe I was a cheerleader ... easy to believe I get lost a lot.

So the next goal is to do 7 more workouts before the end of the month of January. I might have to double up ... technically by the 27th to make it a true 30 days. I may have taken a few more Wii rests than I was supposed to ... but the other half of my team has deserted Mii. My husband, whose Mii was with Mii for at least the first nine workouts ... has fallen off the wagon ... I think he's waiting to see how it goes for me before he continues ... maybe thinking of me as his beta test. I may play with the scale and skew the results ... just for fun.

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