Friday, January 8, 2010

A Wii slice of Heaven on Wii Day Eleven

It will be a cold, snowy day in Atlanta before I do this again ... oh wait, it is a cold, snowy day in Atlanta - G-E-O-R-G-I-A ... brrrr. We have a whole half inch ... maybe even three quarters of an inch and according to, it feels as though it's 17 degrees outside. It's a Christmas miracle!!! ... in January.

Since most of the city was shut down, including schools, my husband and son were dispatched outside at 9 am ... whilst I remained inside, where it was warm. I did enjoy the view - but grew weary of watching my son (and husband) hurl themselves at warp speed down the icy hill on the street. Sure, there was no traffic, but when they brought out the ramp, I stopped glancing out the window and made hot chocolate.

By 10 am, most of the neighborhood kids (with their dads ... and a few moms), were in front of our house, performing various feats of icy bravado, taking out a few of our rose bushes when they accidentally crashed down the hill in our front yard, and, as my son said, "getting good air".

My mother called mid morning to make sure that I had sent out my son adequately clothed. I told her that he was outside in a t-shirt and shorts but doing well.

Around noon, the boys came in for a quick bite, then left again ... until after 4. I think it will take a few days for them to get completely thawed.

When they left for the second round, I broke out the Wii Personal Trainer ... and completed Day 11 ... I say it was a slice of heaven only because I only had to do two sets of alternating lunges and there was no fighting with the Wii remote sensors. As for tennis, I was a bit off again ... not sure what's going on there - I may have to practice (yikes ... what am I saying?). I hit the stupid virtual ball and held on to the stupid remote and stupid nunchuk, but I could not virtually hit the stupid virtual target virtually at all. It virtually sucked. (Huh, and I didn't think I was bitter today.)

My shoulder hurts, I will blame that. There, I feel much better now.

My husband hasn't completed his session yet today ... but he has been playing/sledding on ice/standing around in the cold drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and eating butterscotch blondies all day ... I'm pretty sure that counts.

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Happy Birthday today!