Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wii are on track ... well, sort of ...

In truth, I really don't know what Wii day it is ... Wii started on December 28th - and I have completed my 11th workout on the Wii Personal Challenge - so it's somewhere around Wii Day 17 ... I missed blogging my "Wii Sweet Sixteen" day, but Wii can pretend if it means that much to anyone...

Since Wii last chatted, I completed Wii Workout 10 ... twice ... on my birthday. Not sure what came over me, no doubt those darn endorphins kicked in again - but I woke up waxing philosophic on my birthday (Monday) and after about 30 minutes of reminiscing birthdays past ... thought, "Wii shall have none of that ... hmmmph." (I wanted to remain forward thinking ... haha).

I completed the workout with high energy (all exercises, every single one of them ... even the ones I didn't like ... not that I've been skipping mind you, but the option is there and it's alluring). I filled out my journal survey and added my "additional activity" and the phone rang, so I tried to exit the menu gracefully ... but after I had completed my conversation, I went back and saw "Jan 11 - New" on the screen. Argh! I didn't think it had captured my workout. And I was not going to let that happen on my birthday, so I decided to run back through the exercises - just 18 of them ... and run I did. I finished in 3 minutes less time, and burned 10 more calories than the first time and when I went to log my journal entry - I realized that it was already recorded.


So I was a bit of an overachiever, but it was definitely easier the second time. (Clearly and adrenaline induced remark).

Monday marked my halfway point through the challenge (10 out of 20 workouts). I took a rest day on Tuesday - I deserved it, it's my birthday ... at least so says my dearest friend!

Today's workout flew by - along with the virtual baseballs. I might need to spend more time watching the "how to" video. But I did complete it - just without grace or agility. They're really quite overrated skills anyhow. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's workout - or maybe that's Friday's day of rest.

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