Friday, January 1, 2010

Still Alive on Wii Day Five

Day Five of the Wii Personal Trainer Challenge gave us a jump start into the New Year ... and I mean Jump (note: Capital J).

There were Jumping Lunges (which are wrong at so many levels) ... and Jumping Squats (which should be outlawed) and Inline Skate Jumps (which defy description). Combined with the non-jumping versions of squats and lunges, just made for one heck of a leap into the new year.

I had to get a pedicure (yawn).

There were no Celebratory Cinnamon Rolls, or quick 5K add-on's to the workout, just some Wii Football ... coupled with watching a few of the real games on TV ... and a nap. So far, 2010 is looking like a stellar year!

Day 6 is a Rest Day ... Wii have a two day on/one day off cycle ... for which both of us remain truly grateful.

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Vixen said...

Bear got the Wii Fit thing (and another one, not sure which). I want to be better and try it. I need a personal trainer I can turn off with a power switch. Otherwise, the trainer could get hurt.