Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Skip to Wii Day Nine - it's all Fine

We took a day of rest on Wii Day Eight - skipped it right out. The day went something like this ...

Barely acknowledge the alarm.
Hit the snooze button.
Work (OK - technically it was, "because your self employed, delay work as long as possible").
Build Lego Castle (um, with son).
Pause Castle Construction for son's play date.
Resume Castle Building.
Commence exercise in 7 year old logic/reasoning bed time.
Discuss with husband the idea of skipping Day Eight ...
Fall asleep on sofa while husband is talking.
Wake up on Tuesday morning with a fresh outlook and renewed vigor.

So Wii Day Nine was good. OK, it wasn't good - but it's wasn't bad - so that's something. There was no screaming at the Digital Personal Trainer for his ineptitude. There were no fits with my Mii. I completed the 15 exercises and then it was over. And I felt fine.

But now, here's the quandary - since the Wii Personal Trainer graciously readjusted to accommodate our unsanctioned day of rest, we now are scheduled to exercise on my birthday next week ... and that just seems wrong. Maybe more readjusting is in order ... we'll see how Day 10 goes.

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