Monday, January 4, 2010

New Tricks on Wii Day Six or No Slice of Heaven on Day Seven

OK - so Wii Day Six was a rest day, but we didn't rest ... it took us 10 hours to drive 256 miles ... long story ... long drive ... and long day (talk about a "New Trick" ... who knew it could take that long!)

But it's over ... fast forward to Wii Day Seven - no slice of heaven. We barely woke up before noon and delayed reconnecting the Wii ... until my husband grew weary of me asking when we were going to "do Day Seven". I seriously think he thought he was getting a "bye" ... he didn't.

Sometime close to 10 PM - after I "made" him watch Iron Chef (I just had to find out if Emeril and Mario pulled it off) - we commenced Day Seven of the Wii Personal Trainer Challenge.

Doug eeked out another Silver Medal for his efforts and a new Trophy (this "game" is all about incentives) ... and then it was my turn. I began my daily exercise at approximately 10:48 PM ... there was a bit of transition time and delay due to our son waking up and not wanting to go back to sleep. Also, there was admittedly a brief consideration that I might just see how irritated I could make the husband unit if I quietly excused myself and went to bed.

Day Seven wasn't "bad" with the slight exception of the "bleeping" sensors on the remote and nun-chuk that mysteriously refused to work when I did my right leg lunges ... and only the right leg lunges, causing me to yell at the trainer (because it was clearly his digital ineptness that was at fault). Doug, sat amused, watching from the soft overstuffed leather chair, wondering what possibly could happen next. After the 20th right leg lunge (I was only supposed to do 6 in that set) - I disengaged myself from the remote, and thrust it towards Doug saying, "You do it, it worked for you". (I am not at my best when frustrated.)

An important component in understanding my frame of mind at this point is considering that it was only the second exercise I had started - so about 2 minutes into the workout.

Doug said, "Just reboot."
I deserved that ... which is when he reminded me that, "You've only done 1 exercise so far, anyway."


So I rebooted, but still had issues with the lunge (right leg only) ... so imagine a very tired, irritable, Mii - waving the remote and nunchuk wildly at the screen, screaming, "I did the rep, I did it, I did it, I did it, stop saying I didn't!" While the charming personal trainer, calmly retorts, "I see that you are having problems with this, please try it again."

Whatever you imagine that I said in response is most likely accurate, I wasn't holding anything back at this point.

At some point, Doug graciously removed himself from the soft comfy chair, took over the remote and nunchuk, did the right leg lunge for me (which made the stupid "bleeping" sensors happy) and promptly handed me back the controllers so that I could continue on. Apparently, my theatrics and other antics were providing significant amusement value.

Thankfully, there were only 3 sets of lunges - and they were followed by cardio boxing, which was surprisingly appropriate ... as I was able to envision the Personal Trainer's head on each target.

Exercising at 11 PM is not really my thing, but at least it got done. Unfortunately, I'm thinking it's going to be a late Day Eight - but maybe we can shoot for a before 10 PM completion instead of start.

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