Thursday, January 7, 2010

All Zen on Wii Day Ten

Well, sort of ... I took a brisk 2 mile walk in 20 degree weather - for not very good reasons ... I had taken my car to the garage, thought I had arranged for a ride home - but well, I didn't ... and it was only 2 miles ... and at least I was dressed warmly. Apparently the cold numbed my mind enough to not notice the numbness caused by the cold ... but seriously, it really wasn't that bad - I was dressed appropriately - oh wait, I already said that. Huh, maybe it affected me more than I originally thought.

So when I got home, I commenced the Day Ten of the Wii 30 day Personal Challenge ... I think that Wii Volleyball is wrong.

Sure, it's good exercise, but when you jump up to set the virtual ball, the "real" nunchuk cord slaps you in the face ... or, because you're trying to set the stupid virtual ball and you're so engrossed in the virtual reality-ness of it all that you drop the stupid nunchuk because you wouldn't be holding a stupid nunchuk in your hand while playing volleyball, now would you?

Then the stupid personal trainer brings you back to the reality of virtual reality and tells you that although your stupid energy level is good, your stupid timing seems a bit off ...

I'll give him a bit "off" - I can shut him up any time I want ... eject this, Mr. Trainer.

But, alas, I'm digressing and still a tad bitter ... maybe.

Today was a day of rest ... and maybe that was a good thing ... it will help me get my Zen back.

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