Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wii are sick ...

I was soooooo close to finishing the first phase of this Personal Trainer 30 Day Challenge ... and then the germs invaded ... first, both my son and I were able to win a few skirmishes ... and I foolishly thought we were in the lead - back to the grand castle of health ... but NOOOOOOO!

He fortunately escaped, whilst I managed to lose a few battles ... and then my husband came back from a business trip ... sick ... and the war was officially lost.

I will continue though - I just need to be able to breathe again ... and once that happens, bring it.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I have completed 13 of the 20 workouts in the 30 day Wii Personal Challenge (using the Wii Personal Trainer "game") ... and it hasn't even been 30 days yet. I find this to be a win, already. As a matter of fact, I think I may create a trophy for it and then quit while I'm ahead.

The thing that continually amuses me about the software is that the Personal Trainer, who I have named, Ramone, follows his comment of, "I can see you're having trouble with this exercise" with the comment, "Keep up the great work, you made this look easy." Sending those types of mixed signals is akin to putting hot fudge and cookie dough on non fat ice cream topped with fresh whipped cream.

At first, this frustrated the endorphins right out of me ... but now I find it amusing ... mainly because I can eject him any time I want. It's very satisfying in a slightly sadistic kind of way. Not that I actually do it ... but just knowing I have the power ... you get my drift.

I am doing much better at the coordination type exercises ... finally getting those rights and lefts at the "right" time - hard to believe I was a cheerleader ... easy to believe I get lost a lot.

So the next goal is to do 7 more workouts before the end of the month of January. I might have to double up ... technically by the 27th to make it a true 30 days. I may have taken a few more Wii rests than I was supposed to ... but the other half of my team has deserted Mii. My husband, whose Mii was with Mii for at least the first nine workouts ... has fallen off the wagon ... I think he's waiting to see how it goes for me before he continues ... maybe thinking of me as his beta test. I may play with the scale and skew the results ... just for fun.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Wii Rest

No, Wii didn't abandon the Wii Personal Trainer Challenge ... Wii just took a Wii rest ... and played Wii NFL for days and days and days ... in actuality, it's difficult for me to type because my fingers and thumbs are not accustomed to the keyboard - they long for the remote and nunchuk and I can barely move my left thumb ... it feels oddly displaced without the nunchuk button.

Wii also watched NFL football, which is a difficult transition because Wii attempt to control the outcome of the game by using our Wii remotes and nunchuks, even if they are no longer in our hands ... ours wrists flick in an upward motion to snap / hike the ball, our arms extend outward to throw passes, and our thumbs are permanently positioned in a pushing motion to control the movement of our players ... as if ... alas, the Steelers are not in the hunt this season ... but they live on in Wii NFL ... and continue to dominate their opponents ...

I thought that the sensation of wanting to control the "real" games with our phantom remotes would wear off after a while, but it hasn't ... yet ... and it is funny when Wii realize what it is that Wii are doing.

Wii will continue the Wii Personal Challenge at some point ... today ... no really, Wii will ... but until then, Wii will be playing Wii NFL ... over and over and over and over and over ...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wii are on track ... well, sort of ...

In truth, I really don't know what Wii day it is ... Wii started on December 28th - and I have completed my 11th workout on the Wii Personal Challenge - so it's somewhere around Wii Day 17 ... I missed blogging my "Wii Sweet Sixteen" day, but Wii can pretend if it means that much to anyone...

Since Wii last chatted, I completed Wii Workout 10 ... twice ... on my birthday. Not sure what came over me, no doubt those darn endorphins kicked in again - but I woke up waxing philosophic on my birthday (Monday) and after about 30 minutes of reminiscing birthdays past ... thought, "Wii shall have none of that ... hmmmph." (I wanted to remain forward thinking ... haha).

I completed the workout with high energy (all exercises, every single one of them ... even the ones I didn't like ... not that I've been skipping mind you, but the option is there and it's alluring). I filled out my journal survey and added my "additional activity" and the phone rang, so I tried to exit the menu gracefully ... but after I had completed my conversation, I went back and saw "Jan 11 - New" on the screen. Argh! I didn't think it had captured my workout. And I was not going to let that happen on my birthday, so I decided to run back through the exercises - just 18 of them ... and run I did. I finished in 3 minutes less time, and burned 10 more calories than the first time and when I went to log my journal entry - I realized that it was already recorded.


So I was a bit of an overachiever, but it was definitely easier the second time. (Clearly and adrenaline induced remark).

Monday marked my halfway point through the challenge (10 out of 20 workouts). I took a rest day on Tuesday - I deserved it, it's my birthday ... at least so says my dearest friend!

Today's workout flew by - along with the virtual baseballs. I might need to spend more time watching the "how to" video. But I did complete it - just without grace or agility. They're really quite overrated skills anyhow. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's workout - or maybe that's Friday's day of rest.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Wii slice of Heaven on Wii Day Eleven

It will be a cold, snowy day in Atlanta before I do this again ... oh wait, it is a cold, snowy day in Atlanta - G-E-O-R-G-I-A ... brrrr. We have a whole half inch ... maybe even three quarters of an inch and according to, it feels as though it's 17 degrees outside. It's a Christmas miracle!!! ... in January.

Since most of the city was shut down, including schools, my husband and son were dispatched outside at 9 am ... whilst I remained inside, where it was warm. I did enjoy the view - but grew weary of watching my son (and husband) hurl themselves at warp speed down the icy hill on the street. Sure, there was no traffic, but when they brought out the ramp, I stopped glancing out the window and made hot chocolate.

By 10 am, most of the neighborhood kids (with their dads ... and a few moms), were in front of our house, performing various feats of icy bravado, taking out a few of our rose bushes when they accidentally crashed down the hill in our front yard, and, as my son said, "getting good air".

My mother called mid morning to make sure that I had sent out my son adequately clothed. I told her that he was outside in a t-shirt and shorts but doing well.

Around noon, the boys came in for a quick bite, then left again ... until after 4. I think it will take a few days for them to get completely thawed.

When they left for the second round, I broke out the Wii Personal Trainer ... and completed Day 11 ... I say it was a slice of heaven only because I only had to do two sets of alternating lunges and there was no fighting with the Wii remote sensors. As for tennis, I was a bit off again ... not sure what's going on there - I may have to practice (yikes ... what am I saying?). I hit the stupid virtual ball and held on to the stupid remote and stupid nunchuk, but I could not virtually hit the stupid virtual target virtually at all. It virtually sucked. (Huh, and I didn't think I was bitter today.)

My shoulder hurts, I will blame that. There, I feel much better now.

My husband hasn't completed his session yet today ... but he has been playing/sledding on ice/standing around in the cold drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and eating butterscotch blondies all day ... I'm pretty sure that counts.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

All Zen on Wii Day Ten

Well, sort of ... I took a brisk 2 mile walk in 20 degree weather - for not very good reasons ... I had taken my car to the garage, thought I had arranged for a ride home - but well, I didn't ... and it was only 2 miles ... and at least I was dressed warmly. Apparently the cold numbed my mind enough to not notice the numbness caused by the cold ... but seriously, it really wasn't that bad - I was dressed appropriately - oh wait, I already said that. Huh, maybe it affected me more than I originally thought.

So when I got home, I commenced the Day Ten of the Wii 30 day Personal Challenge ... I think that Wii Volleyball is wrong.

Sure, it's good exercise, but when you jump up to set the virtual ball, the "real" nunchuk cord slaps you in the face ... or, because you're trying to set the stupid virtual ball and you're so engrossed in the virtual reality-ness of it all that you drop the stupid nunchuk because you wouldn't be holding a stupid nunchuk in your hand while playing volleyball, now would you?

Then the stupid personal trainer brings you back to the reality of virtual reality and tells you that although your stupid energy level is good, your stupid timing seems a bit off ...

I'll give him a bit "off" - I can shut him up any time I want ... eject this, Mr. Trainer.

But, alas, I'm digressing and still a tad bitter ... maybe.

Today was a day of rest ... and maybe that was a good thing ... it will help me get my Zen back.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Skip to Wii Day Nine - it's all Fine

We took a day of rest on Wii Day Eight - skipped it right out. The day went something like this ...

Barely acknowledge the alarm.
Hit the snooze button.
Work (OK - technically it was, "because your self employed, delay work as long as possible").
Build Lego Castle (um, with son).
Pause Castle Construction for son's play date.
Resume Castle Building.
Commence exercise in 7 year old logic/reasoning bed time.
Discuss with husband the idea of skipping Day Eight ...
Fall asleep on sofa while husband is talking.
Wake up on Tuesday morning with a fresh outlook and renewed vigor.

So Wii Day Nine was good. OK, it wasn't good - but it's wasn't bad - so that's something. There was no screaming at the Digital Personal Trainer for his ineptitude. There were no fits with my Mii. I completed the 15 exercises and then it was over. And I felt fine.

But now, here's the quandary - since the Wii Personal Trainer graciously readjusted to accommodate our unsanctioned day of rest, we now are scheduled to exercise on my birthday next week ... and that just seems wrong. Maybe more readjusting is in order ... we'll see how Day 10 goes.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Tricks on Wii Day Six or No Slice of Heaven on Day Seven

OK - so Wii Day Six was a rest day, but we didn't rest ... it took us 10 hours to drive 256 miles ... long story ... long drive ... and long day (talk about a "New Trick" ... who knew it could take that long!)

But it's over ... fast forward to Wii Day Seven - no slice of heaven. We barely woke up before noon and delayed reconnecting the Wii ... until my husband grew weary of me asking when we were going to "do Day Seven". I seriously think he thought he was getting a "bye" ... he didn't.

Sometime close to 10 PM - after I "made" him watch Iron Chef (I just had to find out if Emeril and Mario pulled it off) - we commenced Day Seven of the Wii Personal Trainer Challenge.

Doug eeked out another Silver Medal for his efforts and a new Trophy (this "game" is all about incentives) ... and then it was my turn. I began my daily exercise at approximately 10:48 PM ... there was a bit of transition time and delay due to our son waking up and not wanting to go back to sleep. Also, there was admittedly a brief consideration that I might just see how irritated I could make the husband unit if I quietly excused myself and went to bed.

Day Seven wasn't "bad" with the slight exception of the "bleeping" sensors on the remote and nun-chuk that mysteriously refused to work when I did my right leg lunges ... and only the right leg lunges, causing me to yell at the trainer (because it was clearly his digital ineptness that was at fault). Doug, sat amused, watching from the soft overstuffed leather chair, wondering what possibly could happen next. After the 20th right leg lunge (I was only supposed to do 6 in that set) - I disengaged myself from the remote, and thrust it towards Doug saying, "You do it, it worked for you". (I am not at my best when frustrated.)

An important component in understanding my frame of mind at this point is considering that it was only the second exercise I had started - so about 2 minutes into the workout.

Doug said, "Just reboot."
I deserved that ... which is when he reminded me that, "You've only done 1 exercise so far, anyway."


So I rebooted, but still had issues with the lunge (right leg only) ... so imagine a very tired, irritable, Mii - waving the remote and nunchuk wildly at the screen, screaming, "I did the rep, I did it, I did it, I did it, stop saying I didn't!" While the charming personal trainer, calmly retorts, "I see that you are having problems with this, please try it again."

Whatever you imagine that I said in response is most likely accurate, I wasn't holding anything back at this point.

At some point, Doug graciously removed himself from the soft comfy chair, took over the remote and nunchuk, did the right leg lunge for me (which made the stupid "bleeping" sensors happy) and promptly handed me back the controllers so that I could continue on. Apparently, my theatrics and other antics were providing significant amusement value.

Thankfully, there were only 3 sets of lunges - and they were followed by cardio boxing, which was surprisingly appropriate ... as I was able to envision the Personal Trainer's head on each target.

Exercising at 11 PM is not really my thing, but at least it got done. Unfortunately, I'm thinking it's going to be a late Day Eight - but maybe we can shoot for a before 10 PM completion instead of start.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Still Alive on Wii Day Five

Day Five of the Wii Personal Trainer Challenge gave us a jump start into the New Year ... and I mean Jump (note: Capital J).

There were Jumping Lunges (which are wrong at so many levels) ... and Jumping Squats (which should be outlawed) and Inline Skate Jumps (which defy description). Combined with the non-jumping versions of squats and lunges, just made for one heck of a leap into the new year.

I had to get a pedicure (yawn).

There were no Celebratory Cinnamon Rolls, or quick 5K add-on's to the workout, just some Wii Football ... coupled with watching a few of the real games on TV ... and a nap. So far, 2010 is looking like a stellar year!

Day 6 is a Rest Day ... Wii have a two day on/one day off cycle ... for which both of us remain truly grateful.