Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wii Day Three

Today was a rest day ... yes, Day 3 is a rest day, I am not making that up.

Wii took the Day 3 survey - and both received bronze medals ... they threw us a bone ... neither of us ate the appropriate number of vegetables ... although Wii did each have a glass of V8 fusion(that's two right there) and a salad which made 3 - not so bad, is it? Wii may have had 4 but seriously can't remember if it was yesterday or today that Wii had the fruit with our breakfast. So we're taking the bronze and are exceedingly happy. Happy. Exceedingly.

Surprisingly, I was not sore this morning. I actually felt pretty good until about 5pm - when I just became irritated for no apparent reason. No doubt, it was a lack of endorphins.

I'm looking forward to Day 4 ... hooo-rah - I need the endorphins back to help kick out/I mean, kick off the new year.

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