Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Wii bit more on Day Four

Fresh from our day of rest on Day 3, Wii continued with Day 4 of the Wii Personal Trainer Challenge ... I kicked back with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, wiping the sleep from my eyes and watched my husband go through the routines first. Quality entertainment and motivation right there.

Day 4 seems abbreviated from Day 2 and includes Cardio Dancing ... seriously not making this up. As I mentioned, quality entertainment right there.

Doug managed a silver medal for the day and then it was my turn to run through the 18 "simple" exercises. Unfortunately, my hand/eye coordination is a bit - well, let's just say off ... so when the words blink/roll on the screen (Left/Right/Up/Down) ... my movements do not necessarily coordinate - I think I got 30 out of 40 ... I gave it my best shot. I'm truly hoping there are no videos of this.

Tennis did not show me any love today and my jumps during inline skating were feeble at best (only 6 of the 9 tricks were achieved), but I ended with dancing and laughing so hard, my sides hurt. My personal trainer told me "I'm worried that you didn't give it your "all" during the jumps". I laughed even more and told him "Oh yeah? Well, I burned more calories than my target and I had fun while doing it ... nah, nah, nah." Ahhh, the missing endorphins from Day 3 are now back ... bwahahahahah.

Doug worries about me talking to the TV.

So, we're kicking out the old year and Cardio Dancing in the new.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wii Day Three

Today was a rest day ... yes, Day 3 is a rest day, I am not making that up.

Wii took the Day 3 survey - and both received bronze medals ... they threw us a bone ... neither of us ate the appropriate number of vegetables ... although Wii did each have a glass of V8 fusion(that's two right there) and a salad which made 3 - not so bad, is it? Wii may have had 4 but seriously can't remember if it was yesterday or today that Wii had the fruit with our breakfast. So we're taking the bronze and are exceedingly happy. Happy. Exceedingly.

Surprisingly, I was not sore this morning. I actually felt pretty good until about 5pm - when I just became irritated for no apparent reason. No doubt, it was a lack of endorphins.

I'm looking forward to Day 4 ... hooo-rah - I need the endorphins back to help kick out/I mean, kick off the new year.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wii Three Kings of Orient Are ...

Wii traveled afar ... well, about 250 miles to the beach ... but who's counting ... and we brought the Wii ... it has officially consumed us - we are now Wii.

I had a thought that I might try to journal the 30 day challenge with the stupid Wii - Personal Trainer ... I hate him so far. OK, hate might be a bit strong coming off the Christmas holidays - I don't like him ... very much ... at all.

Day 1 was yesterday, December 28th ... I made my husband do it with me ... or Mii ("made" might be a bit unrealistic as well, "guilted" might be more appropriate). We (Wii) created our Mii's ... loved the fact we could tailor the body shape ... that was greeeeaaaattttt.

I have at least been running for the last two years, but husband hasn't exercised on a regular basis since we did a triathlon ... in the year 2000.

But who's counting.

So it was a Wii Christmas (Wii Lego Star Wars, Wii Lego Indiana Jones, Wii Sports Resorts and Wii Personal Trainer) ... Wii created Mii's ... and Wii began the Wii personal challenge. Wii like Wii archery, Wii sword fighting, and Wii canoeing ... but back to the Wii Personal Trainer.

They are simple exercises Wii said to each other ... squats, running in place, bicep curls, lunges ... simple, Wii said ... laughed even ... as Wii strapped the Nun-chuks to our thighs ... and played with the resistance band.

Day 1's challenge completion was celebrated with Pillsbury cinnamon rolls only this time, I didn't bake the lid to the icing on the pan ...

On Day 1, I also ran a quick 5K ... ok, maybe not so "quick" but I did it ... and Doug did a session on the elliptical ... plus played in the pool and some football on the beach ... so the left over Christmas cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner desserts were completely justified ... completely, yes, yes, they were ... that's our story and Wii are sticking to it.

Day 2 -
As I inventoried each aching muscle, I briefly considered paying my 7 year old son to do my personal training Wii session for me. He was still asleep and I felt a twinge of guilt for waking him, so I persevered and watched my husband tackle the Personal Trainer first. I read a book, said "Great Job" on occasion and sipped my coffee.

As my husband, gleaming with perspiration, tore off the thigh strap and threw, I mean, tossed it to me on the sofa, I gritted my teeth and did my Day 2 work out. I didn't like it, it made my quads hurt. Husband took a brief nap on the sofa in support of my efforts. I was touched.

There was no celebration cinnamon roll after Day 2's completion ... and my husband said to me, "I don't think it's working, I still look the same." I replied, "I agree, let's quit."

He gave me a look.

Later, he took a second long nap - I'm taking it as an omen of sorts.

Day 3 is a day of rest ... I can hardly wait for Day 4.

One would think that one could not feel anger or frustration towards a computer game ... but apparently, one (namely me) would be wrong ...

One would also think that running would allow one to keep a relatively good fitness level ... but one (namely me) would be wrong ... there are muscles that the Wii Personal Trainer uses that I swear should never be used ever ... but I digress.

So, hat's off to you, EA Personal Trainer for the Wii ... Wii are taking your stupid 30 day challenge ... so there.

*There were no Legos harmed in the writing of this post (mainly because my son moved them out of my reach).