Thursday, October 29, 2009

One of those days

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up and you just know it's going to be a great day? The sky is blue, the sun is shining, there's a lovely cool breeze, perfect, just perfect ... so you thank God for your many blessings, leap out of bed and stub your toe ...

But still you maintain that glow and know it's going to be a great day, so you chuckle to yourself and bound down the stairs to get your coffee ...

... and miss the last step in your haste ... but it's all good ... because the dishes are done, the counter is clear and you realize that although you forgot to program the coffee maker last night, it will take less than 3 minutes.

Still smiling, you wait for the coffee, and decide to check your business email on your Blackberry - because it's conveniently located on the clean counter, only to find that some of your clients sent business related emails after 7pm the evening before - when the majority of the work force is already half way through happy hour.

Mid-way through the first email, you hear the beep signaling coffee which slightly diffuses the minuscule amount of angst over immediately delving into work mode. And you make a mental note not to check email before coffee ... ever.

Then, you realize that you have to take your son to school and he's not up yet ... so you bound back up the stairs, and joyfully proclaim it "a good morning" while your sleepy son snuggles warmly under the covers and refuses to move. Remembering the joy you experienced when you woke up, you try to make the waking routine pleasant for him, by giving him a kiss and saying in a soft voice, "It's time to get up little dude" ... but when he doesn't budge, you resort to pulling back the covers and bribery. Fast forward through 15 minutes of coercion, still smiling and holding on to that brightness you claimed upon first waking, you throw a pop tart in the toaster, grab the kid, the backpack, and a cup of milk - catch the pop tart when the toaster ejects, and fly to the school in your car ... forgetting your wallet with driver's license and praying that the 1 mile round trip won't include any flashing blue lights.

Back in the house, you remember that you didn't finish your coffee in the haste to get your son off to school, so you settle down to that first cup, which is now nicely cold ... but you are thankful still and decide to put the cup in the microwave ... and you open up the laptop to finish the email that you started an hour ago ... and find that you now have several new emails that need responses ... so you go back to get your coffee from the microwave but decide that you should at least put one load of laundry in prior to settling in to work mode. So you go upstairs, sort the clothes, carefully go back down the stairs (in deference to the toe you stubbed earlier and the not-so-graceful landing on the way into the kitchen to get coffee) and put a load into the washing machine, making a mental note that you need to buy more detergent.

You give silent thanks for the sunshine streaming through the windows, which you notice in this light look horrid and need to be washed, so you grab some cleaning supplies and begin the task, only to realize that the outsides need to be done too ... and since these are really old windows that don't exactly open, you have to clean them from the outside ... with a ladder ... so you abandon that project and return to your laptop ... finding more emails waiting for responses.

Happily you reheat the coffee (AGAIN), grind through the emails, phone calls, and begin to compose one of the summaries you are supposed to write, and realize that you have 40 minutes to get to a meeting ... so you pause, race upstairs again for a quick shower and while you're getting dressed get mascara on your dress. Luckily (because it's a perfect day), you have the Oxy-Clean handy because you were doing laundry, and you are able to get the giant dime sized smear of mascara off of the left side of your chest and are left with a giant wet spot which you proceed to blow dry with the hair dryer that you left out because you're running late ... all good.

Laughing at the absurdity of the morning, you grab your purse, portfolio, and business cards, glancing at the clock on your way out. As luck would have it, you have 10 minutes to get to the meeting which is 15 minutes away in good metro traffic ... so you grab your (second cup of) coffee ... which is now cold AGAIN ... so you pop it into the microwave for 30 seconds and go. Now that you only have 9 minutes to get to your meeting, you relax a bit as you will every light to be green ... and they are, because it's a good day ... and you think about your impending meeting ... and sip your coffee ... and then get to an intersection with a red light and have to stop suddenly so you spill some coffee on the EXACT SAME SPOT as the mascara ... and you are thankful that you have a jacket.

Positive energy surrounds as you get to your meeting place, and the person you are meeting is on the phone, so it doesn't appear that he's annoyed because you're 6 minutes late ... and you wait ... and you wait ... and then the minute he's off the phone, you both get engaged in a conversation with another person who is waiting for someone, so you don't start your own meeting for 30 minutes ... but you've made a delightful new connection. Business is conducted and concluded and 3 hours later, you are on your way back home returning phone calls you've missed while in your meetings and looking forward to hopefully catching up on the emails that continue to pile up (according to the all knowing Blackberry). You remain thankful that you even have any business in the first place and that you have a Blackberry. So you delve into the phone messages and emails and begin to write that summary again, when you glance at the clock and realize that you have to pick your son up from school in 5 minutes ... so you dash out of the house again to retrieve your child, who needs to work on a poster project the minute he walks in the door. First graders have a lot of homework these days.

You engage your child in his project, put the clothes in the dryer that were washed 8 hours ago, and decide to put another load in, when your son asks for some help, which you give cheerfully, because he's only going to be this age once and you're so thankful to have him. Halfway through your participation efforts with his project, you answer a phone call from your husband who is out of town for the day on business. He asks if you have packaged the 20 boxes of "thank you candy" that you are sending to business clients ... to which you cheerfully reply, "Well, not quite, but I have enough tape and will try to finish that up as soon as I complete the address list, the summary that I should have sent out this morning, and return a few more calls, make dinner for our son, do the laundry, and help with the school project and homework."

Revived with fresh zeal, you help your son with the project, make dinner and put together 20 boxes when you run out of tape ... that you assured your husband you had enough of ... only an hour ago when he was standing in an office store and asked you if you needed more tape. Knowing that he was traveling, you call, laugh, and tell him about the tape faux pas ... understanding that he has been on the road since 6:30am and not expected to return until 8:30pm, is tired and travel weary ... and still has 2 hours to travel. Which is about the time that your mother calls to see if you've done that favor for her that she asked you to do over a week ago ... which of course, you haven't, and your connection keeps dropping, so you have to keep calling her back, which takes even more time ... and you start to feel your energy level dropping ever so slightly ...

But it's time for your son to get a shower, and get ready for bed, and you remember that he still has to do his reading homework. So you help him with the homework, get him into to bed, offer prayers of thanks again, and head back down stairs to try to finish something (anything) that you started 14 hours ago. When your husband phones in to tell you that he stopped at an office store close to home but it had closed 1 minute before he got there, you say, "That's fine" smiling through your frustration which he hears in your voice and asks if you're ok ... which of course, you reply ... "sure, all good ...".

By the time he arrives home, you're sipping a glass of wine and you imagine him wondering what you've done all day ... because he sees the piles of partially packaged boxes, the laundry on the floor, the mess on the kitchen table, and the stacks of paper by your laptop.

Have you ever had one of those days? Ever? Me neither ... not just one ... anyway.

Sometimes your legos get scattered all over the place ... and they might even stub a toe, but they do fit together ... eventually.

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Vixen said...

I can't decide which made me more tired, reading it or laughing.

Anonymous said...

a perfect piece of writing from the woman who made a craft-paper train track that none of us thought would last on the floor 24 hours, and now, six months later, it is still nearly good as new. cannot imagine what it is like to have so much joy in one life. you are such a treat, lisa.