Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WW - Boundaries

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

I feel a little t'ick in the head

I know I've been conspicuously AWOL in blog world ... or at least conspicuous to those faithful few (or faithful two) that noticed my absence.

But, fear not ... all is well (more or less) - I've just been dealing with a minor facebook/mafia wars obsession, being a mom of a 6 year old (almost 7), and self-employment/trying to keep our business afloat - but I now have plenty of blog fodder ... I'll try to keep you current.

This week, I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to cram 8 hours of work into 2 hours. I hear tell that Einstein had a formula for that ... he was a smart man, after all. What with all my "free time" since school started back, my day begins roughly (and I do mean begins "rough-ly") at 6:30am. I drag my bleary reluctant self out of bed to find coffee and attempt to get my son ready for school.

By 7:15am, he has been deposited safely on the bus leaving me to struggle against the predominant urge to go back to bed.

This morning, after about 90 minutes, I gave up trying to cram all of my business tasks into my morning work focus time, and opted for a run. As it rained yesterday, the weather outside was close to pleasant (as close to pleasant as you can get in August in Georgia). After arriving to my favorite running spot at the river, I reached behind my ear to straighten my pony tail and felt a bump in my head ... after picking at it, I looked at it (naturally) - thinking it was a scab ... and discovered a tick.

A T - I - C - K!!!!! Screaming aloud, I pinched it between my fingers and threw it away - jumping up all the while and scratching. Immediately, I called my husband and asked, "Am I going to die with lyme disease now or later?"

I am several decades old (still a bit in denial over EXACTLY how many decades ... but suffice it to say, several) and have NEVER pulled a tick out of my hair. EW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My dearest husband assured me I would be fine ... but how could he know for certain? By the time I finished my run in the wooded trail by the river (doh), I was seeing TICKS everywhere ... feeling them crawl through my skin, leap by the thousands from the trees, hearing them approach me from behind (TICK TOCK TICK TOCK .... seriously, how else would they sound?) ... it was awful, just awful.

I saw myself in my mind's eye returning home only to open the garage door and be attacked by a large 10 foot tall TICK ... trying to defend myself with my ipod ... horrific.

I imagined getting into the shower and ticks crawling up from the drain ... having them jumping/flying out of closets, cabinets, drawers ... oh my!

I'll never be able to play TIC(K) tac toe again ...


Then I did the worse thing imaginable ... I googled ticks. Thank you wikipedia for the tick picture ... priceless I say ... I went to WebMD and found this little tid bit of information.
Avoid areas with lots of ticks. Ticks like wooded, bushy areas with high grass and lots of leaf litter.

The wooded picture above is our back yard ... we are apparently tick heaven. I should be thankful in all of the years we've lived here, this is the first tick I've found on my person (or anyone's person) ... but still ... ew.

So, I'll just go sit on my deck under the trees in the wooded bushy area with lots of leaf litter and drink my coffee ... no doubt caffeine will clear my tick anxieties right out ... or maybe will cause a tic(k) ... sigh.

So how does this tie in to Life is Like a Box of Legos? Oh, that's an easy one, "Sometimes you get ticked (off)."

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