Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Power of Eight ... or a way to procrastinate for 8 minutes

I was tagged in this note ... by Vixen ... so I must do this thing. Oh, and I should mention, that I expect at least 8 comments on this one ... make it happen people. Feel free to click on links too - comments are always appreciated.

(Do with this information what you will - consider it a bonus, or not ... I just finished reading these two books by Katherine Neville, The Eight and it's sequel, The Fire ... good reads, check it out.)


  • Getting to the end of this list (Just kidding, Vix ... ok, no, not really ... ;-))
  • Having loads of summer fun
  • Playing with my 6 year old son (I'm guessing Legos or pirates ... but could be wrong)
  • Completing the restoration of a buffet for my mom (thinking she's looking forward to that, too)
  • The infinite possibilities of the coming months (borrowed this one from Vixen, but I agree)
  • The ultimate success of our business
  • Establishing a Hilton Head Island branch (it will happen ... one day)
  • Cleaning out a few closets (both the literal and the metaphysical kind)


  • Got out of bed
  • Made coffee
  • Opened my eyes (in that order)
  • Listened to angry clients vent their frustrations
  • Took my son to see ancient (1100 B.C.) Etowah Indian Mounds
  • Perspired (sorry, glowed) in the heat
  • Went to the pool with some friends
  • Drank a glass of wine (again, in that order)

8 THINGS I WISH I COULD DO: (note by Lisa-Life Is Like a Box of Legos ... I'm interpreting this as 8 things I will do - you know, like goals ... and such ... otherwise, I'd have to name 8 superpowers I wish I had)

  • I will surround myself with positive people
  • I will have a successful business
  • I will have a house at the beach
  • I will make every opportunity count
  • I will let go of things out of my control
  • I will run another marathon
  • I will lose those "extra" pounds
  • I will finish this meme


  • Heroes
  • LOST
  • Greys Anatomy
  • Color Splash
  • House
  • Tudors
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • The Big Bang Theory


  • Lobster (with butter, duh)
  • Sushi (some of it)
  • Mexican (most of it)
  • Italian (all of it)
  • Peanut Butter (I could throw Thai food into this category too ... I could drink the peanut sauce)
  • Pizza (I'm including bread, cheese and pesto in this category - wow, am I cheating?)
  • Grilled vegetables ( on pesto pizza with lobster ... ahhhh)
  • Berries (straw, blue, rasp, black, boysen)


  • Italy - been there several times, hated leaving, want to go back
  • The UK - lots of reasons
  • Greece - blue's a great color & I've always had a thing for Hercules
  • Japan - not been there, but I like sushi and rice
  • Switzerland - been there would like to return - it's fun trying to figure out what language to use
  • Germany - been there would like to return - castles are way cool
  • Bali - sounds cool and have you seen pictures of this place?
  • The Solar System (seriously ... watching Star Trek reruns as a kid made an impression)


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Barb said...

Thanks so much for the taggin'! I'll try to get to this tomorrow at the latest. :)

Barb said...

Ok.. I thought about giving you all eight comments, but that would be odd.

Barb said...

So I won't do it.

Barb said...

I could have done the meme by now. LOL!

I'm leaving now. :)

Barb said...

Oh.. I see I'm in good company. With the other taggEE's.

Lisa said...

Skittles - you are seriously funny! ;-)

Susan Cook said...

Thanks for the tag. Love your answers. I'll try to do this as soon as I can.

Robyn Jones said...

I will be your eighth comment...LOL!
I will try to do this as soon as I can...just doing some renos on the site..but probably later this afternoon!

and's ok..we already know your odd...(kidding)
You can answer all eight comments..LOL!

kayerj said...

I watch lost--I'm always confused on wednesdays. Thanks for stopping by. I'll get to the tag maybe next week--my daughter is getting married on Saturday . . .

Vixen said...

Hmm, you seemed to have a hard time getting through that, ha ha. I love that you turned the one section into goals you will do, you inspiring little devil you.

But you might want to know, you tagged Jessica but the link goes to susannesez. Just saying, tee hee.

Karen said...

This looks like fun. Thanks for the tag!

Lisa said...

Vixen - you are the best! Thanks for catching the link typo ... whoops ...and I'm flattered you think I'm inspiring ... or a devil ... either way. ;-)

Barb said...

Ok, mine is up and I fudged a bit too. :)