Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pick it up, people ... Please.

Sometimes I just get overwhelmed and have to release frustration - it's best for my family, friends, and telemarketers if I choose to do this by participating in some type of physical exercise such as running or cycling.

I woke up on Friday, feeling frustrated, challenged, and somehow still hopeful - but overall lost in thought for most of the morning. I posted my combination of feelings on my Facebook status and got a variety of suggestions varying from newly coined words to drink suggestions and an "early happy hour".

I opted for driving myself over to the river for some frustration management.
Running is a great escape, providing, of course, that I don't get lost but that's another story.

I actually meant to post this yesterday ... but then I saw what the theme was for today ...

Heads Or Tails

... Tails: Summertime Memory. Playing is fun, all the cool kids are doing it.

As it was too hot to run far, long, or fast, I opted for a slow(er) jog than usual. As I gazed at the river, up at the sky, and forwards along the dusty path - I let things go ... one by one ... poof ... it was indeed cleansing.

Realizing that I had been silently ranting for quite some time about friends and family who have been diagnosed with serious illnesses or recovering from them, clients who are frustrated with the economic environment, lenders who are frustrated with clients, (laundry that has been piling up ... again ... WHY OH WHY does it never end ... oh wait, that really wasn't part of the rant) some friends that are still unemployed, other friends that have recently been part of a lay off, friends who have been mourning the loss of a loved one ... the list goes on and on. So I lifted my eyes towards heaven and asked God the question that plagues each of us from time to time - "What is it that you want from me?"

And then I had the sudden impulse to look at the ground ... only moments before stepping in ...

... poop.

First, let me say that my interpretation of God is One with a fairly subtle sense of humor ... so I immediately thought of several possibilities.

1) $$it happens ... a la "Forrest Gump" ... it's inevitable ... and you have the option to step in it or over it ... it's up to you.

2) We don't get more than we can handle and as evidenced by my list, most of us have access to a network of support to share those burdens - so when $$it happens, you don't have to wallow in it or $$it as the case may be.

3) When we listen to that inner voice, we can usually avoid stepping into a mess or at least find a way around it.

But the bottom line is this ... when you're walking with your dog outside on a public path ... especially one primarily used by runners and cyclists (and other dog walkers) ... PLEASE PEOPLE, PICK UP YOUR POOP!!!

As a side note, I opened the garage doors yesterday to go outside for a run. About the time the door was completely up, the heavens opened and poured forth torrents of rain, thunder boomed, and lightning cracked ... and then a tree limb fell in my driveway.

Following point #3 above, I closed the garage door and went inside ...

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Lana said...

very cute!!! and most places it is now a law that people have pick up their poop.
het and here's an idea....people walk your dogs in your own yard for about 10 minutes before taking off on the walk....your dog will learn to do hisbusiness in his own yard before the walk!
anyway back to you post...very entertaining!

Sue said...

Shite happens quite literally eh! Great post, and I will add that I have two dogs and always clean up after them. Nothing ticked me off more than when my kids were little and they would come in with crap on their shoes because some lazy dog owners did not pick up after their pets in the park.

Barb said...

Sometimes I wish I could be a fly on your wall just to watch you. Wait. That sounds.. icky. Ok.. I won't do that.

I'm sitting here not knowing what to comment. LOL!!! You've stumped me. :)

Tumblewords: said...

Some days. Storms and pooooop take a large chunk out of summer. Bwah. Good post! I so agree about those people and their charges.

Vixen said...

Closing the garage door and going back inside sounds exactly as I would have done.

$$it does happen. Every single day. I have four dogs, it happens a lot here. And I clean it up in my own yard, several times a day so why can't people outside do the same!?

Karen said...

Wow, just a few seconds earlier and you would have had a big limb on your car. God does take care of us doesn't he? Kudos for you taking a run instead of hollering at everyone.

I try to calm myself down by picking up a good, humorous book.