Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fighting Dragons

Wow - where have I been? When last I posted, I was ankle deep in sewage water and calling a plumber. All water under the bridge at the moment (and in the pipes draining as it should).

Today's post is prompted by the Tuesday meme - Heads or Tails ...

Heads Or Tails

The theme for today is: "Tails - Brave". Interesting topic ... especially for one who doesn't always feel very "brave".

So you may have noticed the picture to the above right. This was a family project a few months ago ... boxes sponsored by "Nana" who brought them from work. The castle was designed (on paper) by our son (age 6). He also supervised construction and handed us pieces of Gorilla tape (which by the way is sheer genius). For a Gorilla vs. Duct discussion, click here.

Oh right, back to the theme of the post ... I thought the dragon castle (and note the dragon actually peaking out of the "dungeon") seemed to fit the title "Fighting Dragons" - which is actually going to correspond to the theme - "Brave". But, do I really have a single story about being brave? I can't really think of a single thing - maybe because the coffee hasn't kicked in yet. I think sometimes getting out of bed in the morning is brave (who knows what evil spirits are lurking in your plumbing ... now there's an interesting analogy). I also think that facing the proverbial dragon is brave (whatever your dragon might be ... a person, place or thing ... is fear a thing?).

For me, I think parenting is about the bravest thing I have done. I was not chronologically young when I had our son and it was not an easy pregnancy or delivery ... and then there's been the ongoing attempt at trying to be a good example (i.e. making the appropriate decisions and adopting appropriate behavior -
(whew! not sure how much longer we can keep that up! (just kidding - ok, not really ... but yes, just kidding).

Seriously, though - bravery to me is connected closely to courage. The ability to face one's fears and move forward despite the odds ... like quitting your job and starting a business (oh right, I did that ... and still doing it, despite the current condition of the economy). What kind of person starts a business to broker business loans in this economy? Oh, right ... me again ... well, in truth it was my husband's idea, but I went along with it ... and that was 3 years ago when the financial environment wasn't quite as --- shall we say, precarious? And, we're still in business ... and we still can find funding options for businesses ... but for me, it does require a certain amount of bravery and courage each day. I'd much rather play with Legos ... or drink coffee with my friends ... or actually, just about anything (sorry honey).

I'm off to fight dragons (for me today, the dragons will be in the form of angry business owners not happy with the options I can provide, angry lenders not happy with the angry business owners, and angry underwriters because they're overworked). I can hardly wait until tomorrow!

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Karen said...

It must be very stressful to be in that line of work right now. I think it will get better. Yep, you are very brave. It will pay off.

Barb said...

That fort is SO COOL!!! I had my husband come see it even.

You listed a lot of brave things for someone who didn't feel so brave. And without having the coffee kicked in!

Inspiration Alley said...

I agree tyhat courage and bravery are linked. Good Luck with the business.

Le Butterfly said...

I really enjoyed your post - love the picture too.
What a fun project.