Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A common mistake

It's been a hectic two weeks - and no letting up in sight I fear ... huh ... I think I started last week's post the same way ... odd.

Today's post is prompted by

Heads Or Tails

Today is HEADS: Common and oddly timely ... it's as if Skittles has a web cam placed mysteriously inside my head.

One of my common mistakes is that I believe I have much more time that I actually do. Ergo, I often try to squeeze in just one more thing ... so more times than not, I am late to things. Take for example, today.

I woke up ... late.
I tried to make up for that by doing a host of important but not urgent things prior to leaving for a seminar this morning. Which of course, made me late to the meeting.
I made up for my late arrival by staying "after" ... which ultimately made me late for lunch.
I arrived home with a list of things to do before I had to pick up my son at the bus stop ... (I did make it on time to the bus stop, however, the bus was late ... so I'm not sure if "on time" in that instance counts).
After arriving back home, I checked email, made some phone calls, and checked the time. We were late for a "play" date. After confirming we were still invited (the mom of my son's friend was running late as well), I drove my son to his friend's house.
We stayed there too late.
We missed baseball practice.
And dinner.
And I forgot to pick up milk at the grocery store.
In the end, my son finally got to bed an hour later than usual ... which means that my whole evening "routine" was pushed back which leads me to making this post ... late.

I wonder how common or widespread the propensity to squeeze in just one more thing is ... maybe it's not really a mistake, maybe it's a life choice ... nah - who would consciously make that kind of choice?

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1 comment:

Barb said...

I'm not so sure it IS a conscious thing.. maybe just a sign of the times?

Whatever it is.. I'm glad you were able to squeeze in HoT. :)