Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1 second (literally) of fame

Now you see me, now you don't ...

Back in November, I participated as an extra in a "made for TV movie" ... I was officially dubed, "background" - serving as a wedding guest. The wedding scenes were filmed in our church - which was actually kind of neat. There are a couple of stories in this - which at some point will be revealed ... most likely after the film has been aired.

So here's the teaser, my 1 second of fame ... I'm in the opening trailer. If you hit the pause button at the 1 second mark, I'm the guest at the end of the pew on the right - the very first one you see ... albeit briefly.

Let me know if you want an autograph.

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Vixen said...

I had to rewind and hit pause 17 times before I got more than your elbow. I kept missing it.

Make mine out to "My beloved Vixen, whom I will never forget and bequeath all my acting proceeds to in the hereafter"

Tumblewords: said...

Of course, I'd like an autograph, please! Beautiful work. :)

Kel Mauldin said...

There was a bigger span of time at the end of the movie when you are at the botanical garden. I liked that perma-grin at the very end of the movie. :D