Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mile 4 again ...

OK - this one was too easy ... Life is Like a Box of Legos because sometimes they get STUCK. So, now I'm stuck at Mile 4 ...

One of my most favorite people sent me an email comment which was:

"I can identify with mile 4 – that point that takes that extra amount of effort – but oh so worthwhile when you push through it. A lot about learning I think. "

I was unable to do my 8 mile run this weekend ... so I feel compelled to stick around at Mile 4 for a bit ... I did 6 miles, which should count for something, but it rained on Friday and Saturday - and I just didn't visualize myself running in the rain (literally or figuratively). So what did I learn? Well, um - I think I learned that I have to keep learning to push through. Oh wait, I forgot to mention that it SNOWED on Sunday - yes, here in the deep sunny south, it SNOWED ... we built a snowman ... we used our sleds to slide down the hill, we made and served 7 little boys hot chocolate & marshmellows ...

So about pushing through ... sure, I could have pushed out those 8 miles on the treadmill - but that would have required more sacrifice ... I don't think I was quite in that frame of mind. Did I mention it SNOWED? It rarely snows here - and hey, I have all week to make up for not running those 8 on Saturday or Sunday. Maybe I'll do it today ... or maybe I'll just stick around at Mile 4 for a bit longer.

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