Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rainy Day Meditations and then some ...

My rainy day meditations were abruptly halted by the sound of rushing water. Normally, that would be a welcomed sound, but not while sitting in a chair in my family room.

I woke up this morning to the soothing sounds of rain drops on my roof (thankfully not my head ... but wait). Once the sound of the comforting rain drops registered, I promptly re-snuggled myself back under the covers and hit that internal snooze button. My dearest husband was in charge of Dominic this morning and got him safely off to the bus stop allowing me to sleep in ... and I did.

Around 8:30, I pried myself loose from the bed ... this required a near Herculean effort as there was some ultra strong magnetic force which prevented me from getting even millimeters away from the mattress. I made it downstairs to the kitchen, eyes barely open ... found the coffee pot, and proceeded to brew. Somehow, I managed to wait the 185 seconds - an eternity for the magic morning elixir, but realized while waiting that I was unwillingly hosting a sinus headache. I figured the coffee might help, so when it was ready, I shuffled off to the family room to sit in my favorite chair for the healing properties of the caffeine to sink in. One sip of coffee later, I heard the loud rush of water ... I waited for thunder, lightning, and a crash. None came ... only more loud waterfall noises.

Think Niagra Falls here. I rose to investigate.

Think "up on the roof top, I heard such a clatter, I rose from my [chair] to see what was the matter".

The laundry room is directly between the kitchen and the family room. Since my favorite chair in the family room backs up to the laundry room wall, I went there first. And saw the pretty rushing stream of falling water FROM THE CEILING AND THE WINDOW ("But how can that be because the window is actually under the covered deck and it's on the first floor of a two story house?" - she silently screamed to herself).

Then I realized I was standing a pool of water. Then I realized that the dirty clothes I had in the basket on the floor in front of the washer were wet. Then I realized that I turned the light on ... and the water was coming out of the light fixture ... then I turned the light off.

Next came the phone call to my dearest husband - which of course he didn't answer. The message went something like this: "Noah, this is Mrs. Noah - something in the ark is leaking, the animals have run amuck, there's a den of wily foxes under the deck staging a coo, the floor is covered in water from the rain, there are no olive branches in sight and I don't know what to do."

While waiting for the return call from Noah, I filled two buckets, a laundry basket and a trash can with water (yes, it was raining pretty hard) and started to mop the floor. After I got things under control by strategically placing the various receptacles under the streams of water, I went out to the covered deck to investigate. Did I mention that I did this without the benefit of coffee?

No rain coming through the roof of the covered deck, but more where the deck is joined to the house - which found it's way into the window of the laundry room - which somehow worked it's way into the ceiling and through some hole in the light fixture. That's my theory any way.

About that time, Noah calls and says ... "Wow, that was some message". Right. So while he was on the phone, I went into the attic to investigate any possible roof leaks - I didn't see any - at least nothing obvious - and considering the torrent of water coming through the window and light fixture, I expected obvious.

Then I went into the room directly above the laundry room ... no water leaking through that window, ceiling, or floor. This was proving my initial theory of something to do with the deck not the roof, because well, there was a whole second floor without any water damage above the room with the water damage ... who needed Noah anyway? OK - I don't mean to get cocky now, Noah is very handy and has a great way of explaining things. He even came to the same conclusion that I did without any prompting - ok, there was a little prompting.

He also did offer to come home at lunch to help bail water, but I said I'd be OK - unless the hard rain continued, in which case I was going to side with the wily foxes. Noah made contact with the people who installed our deck but of course they can't actually come out today ... when it's raining ... to see where the water is coming from ... because of course it can't actually be a problem of how the deck is joined to the house ... argh ... that's never happened before.

So now I will continue to meditate ... and listen to the pleasant plink plunk plink plunk of the water drops falling into the trash cans, buckets, and laundry baskets. Ahhhhh, so soothing ... and to think some people use water as torture. Absurd.


Anonymous said...

"Then I realized that I turned the light on ... and the water was coming out of the light fixture ... then I turned the light off."

Oops. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Sorry to laugh at your expense Mrs. Noah, but it just struck a chord in my funny bone.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I have had too many days like that! We've been renovating for what feels like forever and unexpected leaks/power outages/chaos seems part of the package. ;)

You seem remarkably calm, all things considered. I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

Vixen - glad I could help out.

Carolyn - "remarkably calm" ... maybe now, but not when I was bailing out water! Wishing you all the best with your renovations ... one day, we'll have everything fixed just in time to move!