Friday, November 28, 2008

Run ... Eat ... Sleep

I know this blog has been lacking the angst and horrors of training for endurance events, but running has become almost like breathing (ok, maybe not quite like breathing ... but it's more of just a thing I do, than a sport).

All in all, training for this half hasn't been as event-filled as training for the full marathon. I stopped eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast and went back to eating bagels and bananas. Come to think of it, there was a lot of angst in that alone, but I managed somehow to push through the pain.

I went back to running 4 days a week plus a cross training day. I did two short runs (4 - 6 miles), a medium run (6 - 8 miles) and a long run (8 - 12 miles). I even cheated ... sometimes walking quickly and never actually running on the 4 milers. I ran in 22 degree weather (burrrrrrrrrrr ... it's not supposed to be that cold here yet) and I ran in the rain (albeit, only short runs). I ran on hiking trails, I ran on bike paths (naughty me), I ran on gravel (ouch), I ran on asphalt, I ran on treadmills ... but I ran. It's just what I did. I had some weird pain in my left foot, got some gel insoles for my running shoes and moved on. My fabulous chiropractors kept my knees, ankles and lower back in sync and 10 - 12 mile runs just didn't hurt like they used to. Weird, I know.

There were no crying fits, no flashing blue lights, and I didn't even take an ice bath this fall ...

So, Thanksgiving morning, when it was race time, I was pretty excited - I knew the course, our Governor had not recently been praying for rain, and the weather was supposed to be in the 30's and 40's during the race. Although I did not sleep well the night before, I think my concern was maybe focused on my friend "E" who was going to run with me. It was her first half marathon. She rocked! Although, I think she was ready to deck me a few times because I was so unusually perky in the morning. I picked her up at her house at 6AM ... jumping up and down while she was putting her stuff in my car. I kept the exhuberance level fairly high throughout the race and we chatted almost non-stop ... even sang Christmas carols. As in last year's run, it was a trip down memory lane for me, and as it turned out, a trip down memory lane for "E" too. So every few minutes (literally), it was a running commentary from both of us ... each making most of the same observations, just on different buildings ... "Ohhh, this is where I used to live", "this is where we got married", "this is where we had our reception", "this is where our vet was", "this is where I used to go to church", "this is where I go to church now", "that used to be a great restaurant", "that restaurant is new", "why are we running down the middle of Peachtree", "oh, right, the half marathon", "Lisa, when are we going to get to mile 8?", "um,,,er, "E" - we already passed mile 8, we're coming up on 9","this is where my husband works", "this is where my husband used to live", "ohh, there's the capitol building" ...

And then it was over.

We crossed the finish line ... received our medals (yes, they give everyone one) ... and all was good. We were even interviewed by a Fox news reporter "Why would you do this on Thanksgiving Day?" - was the question at hand. "E" answered first, "She (pointing at me) made me." I laughed. It was a very subtle campaign ... she just kept running with me and didn't realize all of the subliminal propaganda I was giving her ... masterful, I tell you ... I am brilliant.

In a nutshell, I ran, then I ate, then about 14 hours later, I slept ... am I sore today? Truthfully, no. I'm ready to run ... (shopping at least ... maybe just 4 miles tomorrow).

Who's in for next year?

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