Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hand talking?

Today's post is prompted by this Tuesday's Heads or Tails meme - Heads: Anything you do with your hands ... to play or read more, please go here.

I tend to talk (<----insert gesture of fingers tapping thumbs mimicking a mouth opening and closing) with my hands - which is one of the reasons I like to type, because I think with my hands and the words "magically" appear ... there it is ... I've confessed my secret (or one of them anyway). If truth be told, I probably more accurately talk with my eyes, shoulders, posture, etc. ... but the MEME is about things you do with your hands and this came to mind, ur ... hand.)

In college, friends would grab my hands while I was talking to shut me up. Apparently, one (<---insert gesture of one index finger) phenomenon of hand talking is that if your hands are restricted(<---insert gesture of one hand grasping the other) in any way, so are your vocal cords (<---insert gesture of hands over throat/mouth). It's true, at least for me. (<---insert gesture of hand over heart)

I do know that when I was in my Freshman speech class in college, the professor actually asked me (<--- insert gesture of finger pointing to chest) to decrease the number (<---insert gesture of open palms in an downward movement) of gestures I used in delivery. She said (and I'm sure it was delivered with the appropriate gestures), "Lisa, you may want to consider only using gestures for significant (<--- insert appropriate gesture here) points in your presentations." Sure, ok ... then (<---- insert shoulder shrug, rolling eyes, and the "ok sign" made with your hand).

You can always tell if I'm tired, the gestures are much more subdued and when I pause in mid sentence - so do my hands ... I'm not making this stuff up people, it is what it is. Some have described me as animated ... well, I think that's very polite. Maybe it's a product of my Italian heritage or maybe there's a legitimate scientific link. I don't know (<---more shrugging, head shaking, and hands thrown up in the air).

As a side note in all seriousness, I think sign language is awesome and that even those that can hear, should learn it - it's so expressive ...

Maybe I should have made this a video blog instead ... but then I would not have gotten to type as much ... maybe next time. <--- insert hand waving bye

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