Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ok, so I'm Back in Pink

Just a quick little PSA ...

And, no I'm not going to post any Youtube videos by Pink - ew. Clearly, that would be just plain wrong (um, wrong for me, that is). I'm sure there are those who are um, fans, somewhere ... and I'm certain, you're lovely people, but we'll just have to disagree that Pink is a credible musician - she's no Steven Tyler, after all, although there is a weird resemblance in some photos, and I can't believe he's actually Liv Tyler's father ... but I'm digressing.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I have a cousin who is a breast cancer survivor as well as several friends who are breast cancer survivors. These women rock!

I wear my pink ribbon to honor them and their courageous spirit. It's amazing to me how many people are indirectly affected by this disease.

I was in a seminar once when the speaker asked the following questions to a group of about 100. He had everyone stand up - then asked for the people who were cancer survivors to sit down. Then had those people who had family members who were dealing with cancer or who had dealt with cancer to sit. Then had those who friends, neighbors, and/or co-workers who had experience with cancer to sit. At this point only about 10 people remained standing (out of one HUNDRED). Finally, he asked those 10 if they knew of a friend or spouse of a friend ... yep, everyone else sat down. So out of 100 people in a room, everyone was at least indirectly affected by this disease.

So, I encourage you to think Pink this month. You can contribute here, buy merchandise here, or at least click to support free mammograms here.

Here's a little something from the "softer side" of Steven.

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