Friday, October 17, 2008

Is it Friday already?

It's been a relatively quiet week in Lisa's Land-o-legos. Unfortunately, my cousin had a blood clot at the base of his brain which caused a stroke late last Friday and then a subsequent one on Monday. For the last seven days, we've all been in wait mode. Please send him and his family loads of positive energy and prayers.

Dealing with crisis brings out some interesting traits in me. Over the years, when in crisis mode, I've turned into a matron of cleanliness (the scary freaky kind that scrubs floors with toothbrushes), organized closets and drawers (think Mission Organization), and attempted to exercise away every ounce of energy.

In this particular case, I've spent hours running (at a time) ... which is easy when you don't run very fast and built a Western town, replete with a bank, trading depot, Sheriff "station", private residence for the token girl, and a school with a playground. All constructed not with Legos (horrors) but with Lincoln Logs ... alot of them, and I do mean alot. I really should take a picture of it. And if anyone is wondering (heh heh heh), it was my son's idea to build it.

Since I feel oddly silent, I'll log (Lincoln log, that is) off for now. But check back for a photo shoot - although, I might have to clean up first ... too bad I didn't opt for the matron of cleanliness trait this time around.


Anonymous said...

Still waiting for the pictures.....

Happy Monday.

Berni said...

Sorry to have taken so long in replying to your message on my blog about entrecard. I tried that for a while but took it off my blog but thanks for the offer.

Berni said...

I am sorry for your family problem I hope the fact that you have not blogged for a while is not because there has been further troubles.