Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back in Black

This week's topic for the Tuesday Heads or Tails meme is:
(Drum roll ... and that would be the drum riff in the above song) ...

HEADS *OR* TAILS - Black *OR* White

Um, guess which one I'm choosing?

I could wax philosophic on you, but in light of the fact that I embedded an AC/DC song, I don't feel philosophic and I wore a black T-shirt and sandals today.

So here it is:

Black is a great color choice, it's slimming, alluring, and - well, you just can't ever have too much of it. Which leads me to this little number ...

All of you NEED this ... you CANNOT live without it ... not only it is adorable, slimming, and alluring, but you MUST have it, MUST, MUST, MUST!

Dear Friend, Vixen, has just launched a new site, Apron Frenzy. Guess what she's selling?

Ah common, you can do it.

I looked up the word, Frenzy. says it's "a fit or spell of violent mental excitement".

So, in that vein (or vane, if you want to go the pun route) ... it's October for goodness sake, put a little "Boo" in your Kitchen Booty! Get radically excited, wave those arms, dial those digits, type that URL, and click, click, click.

Oh, and just so you know, she's having a contest, too. Check out her site for the rules - the prize is a cute little fall apron!

I'll be back in black (most likely) - later in the week!


Berni said...

The only item in my wardrobe that is black is a pair of pants. Obviously time to update it. I do have an apron though it is plasticized. Guess that isn't cool either. Oh well!

My Heads or Tails is up. A bit late though.

anthonynorth said...

Interesting take on black, there. Thanks for that.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Loved your range of comments of comments on black! But I must admit, I wear predominantly black in winter but try to get some colour into it as a contrast in summer!

Barb said...

Ohhh.. I never even thought of this song! My husband took half a day off and he's a HUGE AC/DC fan.. He's air guitaring right now :P

Anonymous said...

Aha, great job on HorT. You are soooo creative.

Thanks for the pimpage, Love ya.