Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Snorting Salt Water

It's like watching a train wreck, isn't it? You want to turn away, but you can't ... you may even find yourself whiling away the minutes on YouTube watching other people use the neti ... it's hypnotic. The lady in this video is hysterical ... you know she's trying not to laugh, especially since she's being filmed. Notice the complete lack of expression, almost indifference even. She doesn't even smile after it's over (as in - "Yippee, no more saline coming out of my nostril"), blows her nose with such, um, conviction and the exercises at the end, truly inspirational - the whole performance is quite commendable, in a completely nondescript kind of way.

I know it's been over a year since Oprah discovered it, but I've never been one to be the first to try something "new" ... yes, I know this is an "ancient" technique, but I don't like to be "manipulated" by media hype either. A little stretch, but you get the point.

The experience is a bit odd, and not quite what I expected. I giggled, because I was standing with my head over the kitchen sink with a tea pot looking object filled with salt water shoved up my nose. When the water started pouring out the other side, EXACTLY AS IN THE VIDEO, I just had to laugh. Not only did it tickle, but I just pictured how it would look to someone else (mainly because I was mesmerized by the many examples on YouTube).

An important fact, that Miss Heather repeatedly reminded me, is that you must breathe out of your mouth through the entire process.

Laughing/giggling, no matter how tempting, is not one of those things that should be done while one is pouring salt water in one's nostril. It kind of bubbles, and then some of it takes a detour to your throat. I also think this will be something I do in private ... if I can swing it, alone in a dark room (with a sink). Have you ever laughed so hard that whatever you were drinking the moment before came out your nose? This is very similar.

For me, my thoughts were "don't giggle, don't breathe through your nose, don't breathe through your nose, don't do it, stop it, you're laughing, don't breathe through your nose, don't laugh, there's water coming out of your nostril, don't giggle ...". I can only hope that with practice, it won't be so funny or I can at least resist the temptation to snort.

All in all, I feel cleansed ... although I have a strong sense of being at the beach. Since I complained about all of the allergens in my neck of the woods, and since so many people have recommended this little device to me, I decided to try it. I have to believe it will make a difference (providing that I actually use it).

I have to go blow my nose now.

Oh wait, you have to see this one last video. His facial expressions are priceless.


Anonymous said...

Bizarre, bizarre, bizarre. Never heard of this thing. I want video of you trying it!

Matthew Howard said...

That guy knew that last one was going to hurt. That is crazy!!!

Berni said...

Sorry to be so late getting back to you I have a bunch of folk I needed to thank for stopping by my blog.

I agree with you I have been to Georgia and it is a lovely place. One of the blogs I follow is from a woman who takes the most lovely pictures of flowers and scenery from her home there and it makes me quite envious when all I can see is snow.

I have heard of those little gadgets and I suffer from allergies too although not sure specifically what does it to me. It is the salt water that gets rid of the stuff kinda like putting salt on slugs I think. LOL. I have tried misting salt water up the nasal passages but it is very drying and I ended up with nose bleeds. I enjoyed your giggles and snorts though.

Heather said...

YAY! Agreed, the rule in our house is that Neti Potting must be done in the bathroom, with the door closed, alone. The temptation to stare and laugh/laughed at, thereby creating more laughing, snorting, water in the brain etc is just too great.

I hope/pray it brings you relief.

much love from NC

Kel Mauldin said...

Okay, now that last video was just wrong... :)