Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The first day ... finally

Over the last 2 weeks, there have been a lot of "almost posts" - the ones I keep writing in my head - but never actually make it to the big screen. Here's a sampling of titles ...
"The night the lights went out in Georgia" - about losing power for a day/night. I couldn't actually compose that one, because, well, the power was out - ergo no laptop ... horrors.
"Concert in the garden" ... subtitled - "how many different beverages can you consume in an evening" ... I think that one's self explanatory.
"Ten things I DO NOT miss about working in corporate America" - centered around a telephone call I had with a potential business associate.
And finally, "Jobs that actually pay you for playing with LEGOs" - I'm still inspired by Nathan.

Unfortunately, since none of the above ever made it to print, all you get is "The first day of school ... finally."

It came, it went, I cried (but not until after he left on the big yellow bus) and then I ran - or maybe I ran and then I cried ... oh dear, now it's just a blur. Here's the bus picture. I put the rest on a link to the right ... and here ... have fun, enjoy. The bus picture is priceless, really ... he just has that look on his face as if saying ..."Mom, seriously, be done with the pictures already". But isn't it thoughtful that he humored me?

It started out in a flurry of activity ... my mom came, I actually got up by 6:00AM (forgot what that's like and quickly remembered I don't like it) and made coffee (which I do like) ... Doug manned the video, I had the still camera, we all had our pictures with Dominic who was eager to get out the door and walk the arduous 3 minute trek up the hill to the stop sign where the bus stops. There were 5 sets of parents - all with cameras and coffee and a half dozen kids who were attempting to systematically detach themselves from the onlookers. Dominic blew kisses out the window - he loves the bus and instantly started chatting with the little boy in his seat. No separation anxiety whatsoever on his part. As for me, I'm good - I just have to figure out a new routine now ... which at the moment consists of a 3 - 5 mile run before 8:30AM. I haven't quite figured out the rest of the day yet ... it's only Tuesday.

So there it is ... maybe I'll figure out how to post on a more regular basis now that I'm running again ... plus I've signed up for another half marathon in November (Thanksgiving Day) so there will be all the pain and angst of endurance training to monitor. I can feel everyone's anticipation burning a hole in the monitor even as I type. Anyway, if running fails me, there's always tales of Kindergarten - we have a meet & greet with the teacher on Thursday night and our first PTA ... oh the excitement just keeps building doesn't it?

Please stay tuned, regular programming will resume shortly.


Kel Mauldin said...

Oh, where does the time go? It seems like yesterday they were walking into a 2y.o. pre-school class; tomorrow they will be graduating from college. Hard to watch them grow up; I guess the positive of it all is we are one day closer to grandchildren. :)

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is my youngest's first day of school. SENIOR YEAR. How did this happen?

You think that look on the bus is bad, wait until you see the one of mine running away screaming "No Mom, you don't take pictures on the first day of senior year!"