Tuesday, July 29, 2008

LEGOs as art

This man is seriously cool, amazing, unbelievable - seriously. If you need to see more (and you do) ... go here.

The man's name is Nathan Sawaya and has been elevated to my new personal hero. How to make a living playing with LEGOs.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

No Lego Girl Guys

I am a Pittsburgh native and proud of it. Although my husband insists that I have been assimilated by my tenure in "the South", there are still a few things about my speech and mannerisms that remain decidedly Pittsburgh. Small note to those who are not from the Burgh, there is a huge (- pronounced without the "h" as in the "y" sound in "you" so it comes out youge) difference in being decidedly Pittsburgh and decidedly Pennsylvanian.

So even though I knock back grits with the best of 'em (if made properly, they are reminiscent of my Italian grandmother's polenta) and nothing beats an RC Cola and Moon Pie, I prefer to have my arteries clogged by pierogies handmade by old ladies wearing babooshkas and sold at the neighborhood church. Not to mention the requisite Polish Kielbasa that comes laden with sauerkraut while naturally watching or talking about a Steeler football game.

Several days after my son was born in 2002, while still under the influence of morphine, I watched the Steelers play the Falcons on TV. The bantering between me and my husband was somewhat subdued (since I was hospitalized and all) but I just KNEW the Steelers would win. The game resulted in a tie. Somewhere in the back of my drug induced mind, I convinced myself that my son was going to be a referee. (Dominic from the NICU: Mommy and Daddy, please don't fight, everyone knows that the Steelers are better than the Falcons, but we are in Atlanta after all Mom - you'll have your day ... just wait".) Clearly, the drugs were magnificent ... but, the Steelers did win SuperBowl XL 2 years later ... so back to the post.

Over the years, I've tried to maintain a somewhat neutral position when it comes to North vs. South ... after all, in all seriousness, my "kin folk" weren't even in this country until the 1940's on my dad's side and the 1920's on my mom's side ... so, um, that whole "Act of Northern Aggression" just wasn't my gig. WWI & WWII - now you're talking.

So over the years, Dominic has been properly exposed to both sides. Naturally he owns his very own Terrible Towel, eats pierogies, and "Go Steelers!" was one of the very first things he said. However, he also has a charming southern lilt to his voice although since neither my husband nor I use the delightful expression "y'all", that's one notably missing piece to his Southern exposure. Since I was expelled from the state of South Carolina, I don't use the Pittsburgh "yunz" any longer. However, I apparently do say, "Guys" more than I thought I did ... as in, "these guys here", "those guys there", "hey, you guys ...", "would you guys like to come over ..." - you guys get the picture, right?

So when we were building pirate ships with our Legos yesterday, he said, "Mommy, there are no LEGO-girl guys". I actually had to stop and think what he meant ... at five he was already conceptualizing gender confusion?

"No LEGO Girl Guys?"

"No, Mommy, no LEGO-girl guys."


"Mommy, there are no girl LEGOS."

"Ohhhhhh." (light bulb burning brightly at this moment)

So I did the only thing I could do - I hopped on the LEGO site and found the LEGO World people (picture above).

Here's the thing ... as a specific kind of mom who plays with LEGOS, I want a representative LEGO figure - the Mom who looks like she rolled out of bed just a few minutes ago, takes high powered conference calls in her PJ's, doesn't brush her teeth until after coffee, and can hold at least 15 things in her hand at one time. I don't know about you, but I just don't see that in any of the World people.

So at the moment, we have no LEGO-girl guys ... just boy LEGOS (boy construction workers, boy firemen, boy knights, boy paramedics, boy policemen ...). There's a huge (now that you know how to pronounce it) opportunity for LEGO here. They can do a whole Mom series (corporate moms, blogging moms, the moms mentioned above ...).

Brilliant, simply brilliant.

Sure they could go with the lady fire department, police, damsels, and constructions workers - but that's so politically correct ... clearly this is an untapped market. Why stop at the "World people" LEGO? Make it real - give us a Mom-LEGO guy.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I've got nothing

It's been a week ... you might call it busy, hectic or challenging, but at least it's over. Somewhere along the way, it occurred to me that I didn't blog last week. I even missed the Head or Tails meme - Joke Tuesday ... and I had a story. Ah, well.

So now the week has passed, and I've got nothing. I was busy, stuff happened, and then I had some weird food poisoning incident which kept me doing things I don't want to post from midnight Saturday through 8 AM on Sunday. I spent most of the remainder of the day resting and not eating or even thinking about eating.

So off to a new week, a fresh start ... literally, I feel purged.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Heads or Tails ... Heads - "O"

The week's Heads or Tails is HEADS - Anything starting with the letter O

If you would like to play, go here

Apparently, my internal clock is now a day ahead, a bit "O"dd, since I practically lost a week last week ... Please review my "O"de from yesterday ...

Does this count as the joke for next week, too? :-)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Ode to Hanna-Barbera and Ironing

Last week was an odd one. Neither Dominic nor I felt well (actually, Doug was feeling poorly as well and was the one who received the most sympathy from outside the family ... where's the love ...). Anyway, for the majority of the week, have been flying low to the ground, under the radar, and in the sinus/allergy fog - more about the holiday in the next post.

On Wednesday last week, Dominic and I stayed in our PJ's all day and watched cartoons ... and at risk of having my SPROUT parent card revoked, I had to take a break from Clifford, Curious George, and Cyberchase to watch BOOMERANG for just a bit ...

In my sinus/allergy fog, I silently wondered (between bouts of coughing, sneezing & nose blowing - ok, maybe it wasn't so silent), how I could have been blind to the fact that George Jetson, Fred Flintstone, and Yogi Bear all have a striking resemblance to one another ... not to mention, that Astro (the Jetson's dog), Scooby-Doo, and Huckleberry Hound also look alike. It started to freak me out.

Most of the cartoons I watched as a small child were created by the dynamic duo of Hanna - Barbera ... and they all looked alike! Sheesh! Talk about the mythical glass shattering ... then I googled them ... because what else would I do ... and discovered that they also created Josie and the Pussycats (only 16 episodes) and thought maybe all was well - until I started to look through the episode guide and saw the eerie resemblance between the Pussycats and the Scooby girls (Daphne & Velma ... more Daphne than Velma ... but still).

It was all too much.

So what did I do, you ask? (So maybe you didn't - but I'm telling you anyway). I promptly turned back to the PBS Sprout channel and then fled to the sanctity of the laundry room, where I spent 45 minutes ironing.

Maybe I was trying to purge the distress caused by the shattered images of Hanna & Barbara (sure they were good, but their range of character drawing was a bit limited), or maybe I was trying to return to the blissful age of a "woman's place is in the laundry room - washing & ironing), or maybe I was just serving some type of penance.

The bottom line is it worked - ironing cleansed me (HA!). Although, I did vow to never by anything that was machine washable and organic cotton/linen again. I doubt that will last (because wrinkled is not so bad), but I think I've ironed enough for the remainder of the summer. Unless of course, I see another episode of The Jetsons.