Thursday, June 19, 2008


A few days ago, I heard a DJ on the radio comment that Mercury was in retrograde. At that point, I should have hightailed it home and backed up my hard drive. But I didn't.

And I paid the price.

Most females learn at an early age to multi-task. You know what I mean (if you're not a female, no doubt you probably at least know one who does this), while you're on the phone organizing a play date or committee meeting, one hand is stirring dinner on the stove, the other hand is sorting mail, and at appropriate intervals, you throw a toy back into play, wipe off the counter, throw a load of clothes in the washer/dryer, and empty the trash (hopefully you have a speaker phone, a Bluetooth, or a good chiropractor). This happens frequently in a corporate environment as well. I can remember participating in conference calls while answering emails, going through files/mail on my desk, blowing the dust off my credenza, putting the phone on mute to tell a colleague what to order me for lunch, tossing rubber bands or boxes of staples to a co-worker, and looking for a binder clip to finish off a report that was due. Currently, my world is blended. Working at times from home to perpetuate our business, I get to participate in conference calls on my deck, while trying to do laundry, make dinner, sort mail, and throw toys back into play.

It's all about balance. But back to Mercury.

So on Tuesday morning, while multi-tasking ... I hastily answered some emails, assisted with making a Lego pirate ship, located some files needed for a conference call, and grabbed my laptop to throw in the car before rushing off to get Dominic to art camp.

My hands went one way and the laptop went the other. It's only a little over a year old but the trauma of crashing into the hardwood floor was a bit much for it apparently - one would think that Apple would drop proof these things.

After several long hours at the Apple store, sitting at the Genius Bar ... I get teary eyed just thinking of it ... I was referred to an outside consultant. Something akin to a second opinion, I guess. On Wednesday morning, the nice geeks at the consulting firm agreed to attempt data retrieval from said damaged hard drive, but to no avail.

So it's over. All data is lost ... but I have a new hard drive and I get to install all of my softward ALL OVER AGAIN (how great is that?)!!!! And I get to restore from backups ... WOW! But, the sad part is that I've lost some precious pictures (recent prescbool graduation pics and some from the beach) because I don't do daily backups ... . Lesson learned (but it could have been alot worse).

I'm putting Taps on my iPOD and after listening to it will have a moment of silence.


Anonymous said...

Laptops should bounce. Period.

Mercury in retrograde, now I know what was going on lately. Whew. I hope it is over soon.

Fond farewell to your laptop...May it rest in peace or pieces.

Kel Mauldin said...

Losing the files is worse than losing your purse, I think. Sorry! I am backing up immediately following this comment.

Baldwins Girl said...

Photos are absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately your newly deceased laptop made me sad. :( Thanks for stopping by!