Thursday, June 12, 2008

Motherhood continues to amaze me

Last week, Lady Vixen introduced me to a site called, Heads or Tails. Thus inspired, I decided to give it a try ... I peeked on the future topic which was "FLOWER" - and in my mental blog (similar to one's mind's eye), I waxed philosophic on how one should stop and smell the FLOWERs ... I was going to go on about how motherhood has afforded me a fresh perspective on "stopping" and "smelling" ... it was going to be good (at least in my mental blog, the Pulitzer was already being awarded).

But then life happens, as it so often does ... um, yep - that was supposed to be funny. Dominic was enjoying a Beach Party themed VBS this week along with the darling offspring of my dear friend, Esther. Slightly dazed and confused from the mind-numbing din of hundreds of children, we dropped off our delightful progeny. We looked at each other, trying not to grin too much and wondered out loud what we should do with 3 hours of child-free time. As we danced across the parking lot with an uncharacteristic spring in our step and barely able to suppress a giggle, we decided to take just one car and go to the ABC (Atlanta Bread Company for those not in the know) around the corner. We had a casual, but relatively healthy snack and then went to the gym to hit the treadmills for a bit (which was my idea, because of the oppressive heat). Esther, much more of a die hard than I, was ready and willing to "hit the trail running" at the River. Whereas, I imagined myself jumping into the River as opposed to running beside it and since that may not have ended well for anyone involved, I decided to suggest indoor exercise. I'm giving myself tremendous credit for suggesting the treadmill as opposed to suggesting that we just skip exercising entirely.

Anyway, we treadmill-ed, sweat-ed, and expended at least the same amount of calories we had consumed at the ABC and went back to pick up the kids. About the time, we pulled back into the church parking lot, Esther looks at me (I was driving) and said, "Where's my purse?" Fast forward through a few moments of wild panic, frantic searching in the car, a few exclamations of disbelief and dismay ... and minor but general mayhem. We surmised that the MIA purse (replete with her car keys and phone) was probably sitting rejected and forlorn by the treadmill ... wondering why it had been abandoned. So we re-enter the chaotic atmosphere of hundreds of children and retrieve the apples of our eyes with moderate success and only a few bruises. There were alot of kids to be collected and apparently no real directional method of exiting - so envision moms, siblings, dads, nanny's, grandparent's going in every which way trying to locate the correct child and then navigate the sea of bodies to an exit.

Our children (after a quick check to make sure we were holding the right hands) were happy to pile into my "cozy" car. I am currently one of the few moms living in the family centric suburb of East Cobb who does NOT drive an SUV, crossover vehicle, van, or mini-van. It's extremely easy to find my car in a parking lot around here ... I'm not sure I want to give that up. I drive a Mazda Millenia (yes, I know they don't make them any more ... I've had it since 2002, it's paid for and her name is Sylvestri ... and she goes ZOOM ZOOM).

Back to the story ... just so you understand the players, it was Dominic, my 5 year old son sitting on the back passenger side, Esther's 7 year old daughter sitting in the middle - whom we will call "E", and "Z", Esther's 4 year old little boy sitting on the other side. Again - envision cozy (and hot).

So the kids get into the hot car rather cheerfully (bless them) and we attempt to explain to them what we are going to do. It was alot of "We're going to go back to the gym to get the purse ...(but why?] ... and then we're going to come back to the church to get the car ... [but why?] ... because the car keys are in the purse ...[but why?] ..." and so on and so forth. After about 5 or so minutes of that, the real kid stuff began ... "OW!!!!" followed by "She's hitting me" followed by "Mommy, "E" is hitting "Z" (which was Dominic's only child way of getting involved in the fun).

And then it happened ... the little snippet of life that eradicated my mental attempt at waxing philosophic about flowers and stopping to smell them ...

Z: "Poopie"
E: "Stop it, Z - don't say that"
Dominic:" "Mommy, Z said "Poopie"
Esther: "Z, don't say that word".
Z: "Poop"
E: "Stop it! You can't say that word"
Dominic:"Mommy, Z said "Poop".
Lisa: "Yes, Dominic, I can hear that"
E: Of course she can hear it, we sitting on top of eachother"
Z: "Flower" ---> I kid you not ... but here's the best part ... ready?
Dominic: "Mommy, Z said Flower"

I couldn't help but laugh out loud ... then I said, "Yes, he did ... didn't he? Flower is such a pretty word."

Z: "Flower, Flower, Flower, Flower ...."

I have a witness - Esther, did I get close to accurate?

Just so there's closure for those who need it ... the purse was by the treadmill completely in tact and we made it back to the parking lot without any incident.


ShannonW said...

What an awesome take on the HoT: Flowers prompt! I enjoyed reading it.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, creative and highly enjoyable. Have you started letting life take over the next HorT prompt?

I can hardly wait until Tuesday.

Baba said...

Hi Lisa, I am working on my blog post for Tuesday and clicked on your name for a visit..You live in Atlanta?/ I have two daughters who live there.One lives in Marietta and the other one in Alpharetta., I am always going to Atlanta to see my grandkids..I will be back up there in two weeks when my 5 year old granddaughter has her tonsils taken out and tubes put in her ears..Come visit me anytime..
Hugs, baba

Lisa said...

Baba - Safe travels to Atlanta & best wishes to your granddaughter - no doubt tons of ice cream will be in order.

Vixen - Thanks for the kind words ... yet again I let life take over with the untimely demise of my hard drive. I'm still reinstalling stuff from backups ... who knows when I'll be back to normal ... oh, wait ... never.

Shannon H - Sincere appreciation for the compliments! Come back any time!