Thursday, June 26, 2008

God Bless Cell Phones, Shuffles, and Singing Moms

Heads topic - line for this week. If you'd like to participate, you can click here.

What's my take? Well, I've been perusing the delightfully insightful musings on the metaphysical aspect ...crossing the lines, the lines in our head, etc. Take a tour yourself and enjoy. I even read about Railroad Lines ... love it. For those of you I didn't link to, don't take offense, but I tend to digress a bit, so I have to set some limits. Take heart, no doubt, I'll reference you all at some point (or you can sign the comments below and link to yourselves!).

See how I digress?

Back to the topic ... no doubt you've guessed by the picture ... that my blog for today is about standing in line (of course I had to use our band of Lego firemen ... they are just so cute!).

Not too many years ago, I spent a huge amount of my time standing in lines (airport, car rental, hotel, restaurant ... rinse and repeat). Once Dominic came along, the travel time decreased, but then the types of lines expanded ... especially as he grew older and standing in line with a toddler is another blog all to itself.

I have always enjoyed people watching, and lines are a good place to do just that. You get to see the people who are irritated and angry, the people who are angry about being irritated, the people who are irritated about the angry people, and the oblivious few who have cell phones or shuffles (or any other mp3 device) and have discovered the perfect way to drown out the angry, irritated din of the crowd. These are my favorite people to watch ... they range from animated to nearly brain dead, but are definitely in a blissful state because they have found ways to amuse themselves while line standing.

Which gets me to the rare individual, namely my mother (mom, if you're reading this, it's definitely a compliment), who makes lines into a party atmosphere. Usually, she gets the life story of at least one other person in line, makes at least one new friend, invites or gets invited out for coffee/drinks, introduces people to each other, or my personal favorite - starts a sing-a-long.

Last Christmas, I was her date to a company dinner at a local restaurant. After dinner, we gathered in the foyer to wait for the valet. After about 10 minutes, the crowd in the lobby grew to about 25 people or so ... but still no valet. It was cool outside and a bit rainy, so we all stayed inside ... and naturally started to sing Christmas carols (because why wouldn't we?).

Before you could say, "Silent Night", just about all two dozen people were singing. No one was leaving (and still no valet). It was hysterical. Picture this, a group of strangers, united by the Christmas spirit, good food, my mother ... all singing Christmas carols in a high-end Atlanta restaurant lobby ... waiting on the valet.

We must have sung 15 songs, maybe more, and having a truly fabulous time ... until we ran out of songs. At that point, the festive spirit began to wane a bit ... where is that valet anyway? (we all thought collectively). About then, in a rather awkward bit of silence, we witnessed an angry/irritated couple (no doubt annoyed they missed the Christmas sing-a-long) bypass the group in a Huff (really, it was a Huff ... with the capital H) and go out the side door ... to the valet, who apparently was watching the group in the lobby the whole time and wondering why they weren't giving him any stubs.
Maybe he thought we were a "special" chorale.


I guess no one thought to actually go find out where the valet was because we were all having so much fun standing in line! Thanks Mom!!!!

So the next time you find yourself in line ... if you don't have your shuffle, ipod (or other mp3 device), by all means, start singing!


Anonymous said...

You tell a fantastic story, whether you digress or not. I have to say I have never started a sing-along in line, but somehow I always manage to meet someone new, have a conversation or hear someone's life story while in line. It certainly makes the time go by faster!

I wish I had a better singing voice, that could be fun.

Anonymous said...

Well that goes to show you that one red-headed western Pennsylvanian can charm a group of southerners in more ways than one. Good for you (mom).

Heather said...

haha! that is so just exactly her! We love Nana!