Monday, June 2, 2008

The Big Day

My son is now officially a graduate. Here is one of the anticipated photos of the big event. I've been slack and haven't put the others in an album, online or otherwise. They clearly have not marinated long enough - it's only been 11 days ... sheesh.

But for those of his adoring fans ... here it is. We're off to baseball camp in a few minutes and I'm still in recovery mode since returning from the beach not more than 16 hours ago.

Stay tuned for a post about my running experience on the beach. I should have stuck to the sidewalks or treadmill.


Anonymous said...

He is darn adorable. My two older kids never had a kindergarten or preschool graduation, but my youngest did. I think it's another excuse to make mom's cry, lol.

Lisa said...

Vixen - I think you're right on both counts ... he is darn adorable and it is definitely an opportunity for tears. I cried for a whole week beforehand ... can't even imagine the basket case I'll be when he gets on the big yellow bus in August. sigh.

Kel Mauldin said...

They were all so cute - I don't know if I will get over it. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to a (wee) gentleman and a scholar