Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let's get Metaphysical

Several weeks ago, my kitchen drain was clogged. Technically, it was clogged for 10 days - but who's counting? Oh right, I was.

Apparently, my blog motivation was clogged too ... a clogged blog? So now for over 2 weeks, my metaphysical drain was clogged, and things were not flowing as usual. Oh sure, there were things I could probably have written about. But I just couldn't, so what to do? Write about not writing, obviously.

As in life, sometimes you keep taking on the proverbial "stuff" that prevents you from moving forward in a positive way (maybe the wrong job, maybe the wrong friend, maybe the wrong habit). So you find yourself doing the same things over and over again, changing nothing - and the gunk builds up in your metaphysical pipes.

Maybe you try treating the symptoms (like when we tried the liquid clog remover goo), but you never get to the root of the problem. Then you find yourself unable to imagine doing anything differently and you wonder how you ever got to this point? So then what? Do you give up? Maybe move (and let someone else deal with your clog) or maybe you call a professional! Or, maybe you invent the Krueger-ator and become famous.

Sometimes it takes something (like our little invention did) to completely blow out the clog - a radical change, powerful enough to force change. Metaphysically speaking, this could be like losing your job or your house or maybe even a loved one. Then you have a choice, do you take the opportunity to change or do you attempt to recreate the past (ergo the clog) by repeating the same steps?

For us, we have made a vow to run plenty of water when we use the disposal (despite th e water restrictions in Georgia) and never put grease down the drain.

As for the metaphysical aspect of the clog, change is good and good change is even better and changes that seem bad at the time might turn out to be the best change ever!

I'm not quite sure what the blog clog was for me, maybe just too many things happening at once - but I think the clog's been broken through now so stay tuned for more exciting stories about legos, my son, and running.

So there it is.

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Kel Mauldin said...

Hopefully, the 'allergy clog' will drain for you, too. :) -k