Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lemons I can handle, but drain clogs?

Sure, now that I have the fabulous "sunny" juicer, I'm good with the lemons. However, no one told me that I shouldn't be putting the rinds down the garbage disposal.

Alas, we have the mother of all clogs. I believe it has a life of it's own and like some weird freakish tumor in our pipes, it has grown teeth and hair.

Since this time last week, we have poured gallons of various liquid clog removers, purchased a pipe snake and snaked the drain (three times), plunged like there was no tomorrow and even tried the "happy, clog free drain dance".

Nothing worked.

We've also run out of dishes.

In a fit of desperation, Doug walked the 20 feet to our "library" of home maintenance books and read about something called a "hydraulic ram". Doug, in the spirit of adventure, went off to our friendly Home Depot store in search of the mythical clog remover. Home Depot called the "hydraulic ram" a bladder and you attach it to the end of your garden hose. In theory, the bladder expands to the width of the pipe, and water is forced out a small hole in the non attached end. The stream of water, not having anywhere to go but down the drain, will force the clog out.

It sounded like a good idea at the time. But as I said, the clog has taken up permanent residence and probably by now has even applied for a visa. So instead of the bladder expanding to the fill the pipe, the water spilled backwards out of the pipe ... fortunately into a bucket that we had the foresight to plant under the drain.

We could call a professional ... but why do that, when trying to resolve this ourselves is SO MUCH FUN! In truth, we're afraid that what the professional will tell us will translate into a mortgage payment. So for now, it's back to the drawing board ... Doug went back to the Home Depot for a different size "bladder" - hydraulic ram sounds much more cool. And while lamenting to the plumbing assistant at the store, inspired some avant guard creative spirit ... they crafted a plan B (or plan Q at this point) ... with some sprinkler parts. I may leave the house temporarily.

Maybe I should call this post, "How to remove a drain clog in 30 days or less".

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