Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Day In the Life ...

It all started with my son Dominic wanting pancake puffs for breakfast. If you've never had them, they're addictive. We purchased one of these for Doug for Christmas (he makes fabulous pancakes).

Because our resident pancake maker was not here this morning at 8:00AM, we attempted pancake puffs ourselves, most likely for the last time. Here's the story.

I went downstairs to the kitchen to get some milk for Dominic, some coffee for me and begin the pancake puff process. Much to my dismay, the sink and counter were littered with dishes, silverware, glasses, and a pan. Apparently, the dishwasher needed to be unloaded on Sunday night or Monday morning, but I wasn't home on Monday leaving Doug to work and be on Dominic duty. Suffice it say that it didn't get done - ergo all vehicles to deliver food and beverage were left to marinate and think about the purpose they achieved for the day. I hope they appreciated their time of reflection.

Since I had to clear the counter to pull the coffee pot out of the corner, I put what I could into the sink. Then I wiped off the counter and began to make coffee, when I noticed Dominic had made his way downstairs and was standing behind me, patiently waiting for milk. So I got him some milk - turned to put the milk back into the refrigerator when I heard a gurgle.

Apparently the drain in the sink was having "issues". I tried to Plunge (after having removed all of the dishes back to the counter) - but to no avail. So I got out the liquid goo to pour down the drain (I don't remember what brand it was, because at that point, I still hadn't had coffee).

Now that Dominic had finished with his milk, he began asking for the pancake puffs (more aggressively, since about 30 minutes had lapsed from first entering the kitchen). I cleared off a portion of the counter (AGAIN), cleaned it off (AGAIN) and began looking for the mixing bowl for the mixer. It wasn't in the cabinet. Where could it possibly be? Ahhh, the dishwasher, that hadn't been emptied, right. So I emptied the dishwasher, got the mixing bowl out - and began to pull out the ingredients for the pancake puffs. Alas, there was a bag of rice that had been opened laying on top of the flour (I don't know why it was there, who opened it or when it was opened) so when I reached to pull out the flour, not anticipating the opened bag of rice, which went everywhere (and I mean everywhere). So, I went to the get the broom.

At this point, Dominic sighed and went into the family room to watch PBS Sprouts.

After sweeping up the rice, I continued to pull out the ingredients for the puffs, only to find that there was a gob of unidentifiable sticky goo on the shelf. Naturally, I had to wipe it off (and naturally, it wouldn't just WIPE off). Make that, I had to wipe it off vigorously and with a scrubber. Which was then thrown away in a FULL trash can ... so I emptied the trash, put another liner in and finally, back to the ingredients ... somehow, I managed to obtain the remaining ingredients without any further incident. It was by then, 9:15AM.

Dominic graced me with his presence again and asked for a "snack" while the puffs were being made. I gave him some peanut butter and a few crackers - he took one look at the counter, the broom against the wall, the full sink, the plunger on the floor, the bag of garbage, and most likely the blood vessels popping out of my forehead and decided (wisely) to return to the family room. I didn't hear a peep.

After mixing the ingredients, heating the pan, and lining it with butter, I began the puff process. The first batch turned out well. They were round (I had low expectations at this point), golden brown, and "puffy". I sprinkled them with powdered sugar, injected some with grape jelly, and put them on a plate. By the middle of the second batch, the phone rang (it was Doug telling me he was on his way home). I had to wash my hands off to answer the phone, I forgot the sink was out of commission and that batch of puffs got a little, um, dark while I was trying to unstop the sink (AGAIN). But, I sprinkled that batch with powdered sugar too.

Seventeen hand washings later, after taking out the garbage, sweeping the floor (TWICE), cleaning a shelf in the pantry, emptying the dishwasher, cleaning off the counter (TWICE), putting the soiled eating ware back into the dishwasher, and unclogging the sink (TWICE), I finally finished all of the batches of puffs around 10:30AM. Dominic ate 2 of them (there were about 40).

Doug came in minutes later and said ... "Are you leaving for your run now?"

I said, "No, I'm going to eat my pancake puffs and drink my coffee." Oh, but wait, I never actually made my coffee. Heavy sigh. So I made the coffee and while waiting for the brew, ate a puff. It was good. And that's fabulous, because there are 3 dozen left.

I enjoyed about 3 sips of my coffee before Dominic needed me to assist with something - I think I managed to finish the coffee by 11:30AM when Doug asked, "Are you not going on a run? I need to leave by 1:15PM."

I immediately went upstairs, got my running shoes, and then left. He called me while I was in the car, I don't remember why but I left the phone in the car when I got to the river. I ran my puff off for about an hour.

You just have to laugh. I don't think there's a moral to this story (maybe, someone else can come up with one). It seems like a fairly typical day (just substitute "making puffs" with some other task, "laundry, vacuuming, going to the bathroom, trying to write an executive summary, whatever").

My thanks to the Fair Lady Doreen and Sir Rob, her Knight in shining armor for the delightful sunny yellow juicer. A most appropriate gift since I don't have one and the lemons seem to be stacking up.

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