Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And so it flows ...

No doubt the suspense will painful for you all - but I'll save the gory (and I do mean gory) details and get to point ... my husband engineered a plumbing masterpiece. I think we're going to call it the Krueger-ator. Naturally, I can't give away the secret ONLINE IN A BLOG, but for a $19.95 payment to my PayPal account, it can be yours!

Seriously, though, we thought we were doomed - the pipes were straining under the pressure, there was backwash, splatters, drips, it was getting ugly. We tried the new size of the "bladder" which was useless, and then assembled the Krueger-ator. We tried it twice and were about to give up, when in a moment of desperation, I used some teflon tape to seal a leak. We decided to give it one more go - again with the creaking and groaning pipes and then a loud swoosh. Since I was the one positioned in the garage by the outdoor spigot directly under the kitchen drain, when I heard the noise, I closed my eyes ran for cover (and an umbrella). After 30 seconds when I didn't hear the noise any more, and there was no shouting from Doug upstairs, and I realized I wasn't wet, I began to breath again and opened my eyes. When I saw all the pipes in tact, and no drips from the floor, I ran upstairs to find my husband staring in admiration at his creation.

We reconnected everything and decided to run the dishwasher set on the uber cycle (we were going for broke). We watched the kitchen drain ... nothing (no backwash, no clogs, nada). How often is it that you get to spend a Wednesday night watching the kitchen drain with your loved one?

Sooooo ... three dishwasher loads later, the drain still worked. We even put some things in the garbage disposal (crazy, right?) But it was still good. By Thursday last week, the dishes were all safely ensconced back in the cupboard and the silverware snug in the drawer. Then we promptly untucked them and set them forth on a most important mission to serve our dearest friends a delightful Chicken Cheddar Chowder, spinach salad, broccoli cornbread, and butterscotch pie.

Life is good.

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