Thursday, March 6, 2008

Motherhood: Sometimes you just have to suck it up

My 5 year old son says to me, "Mommy, I think we need to have a chat ...". Once I was able to curtail the laughter bubbling up through my throat, my curiosity got the best of me ... as he stared at me with the total intensity that only pre-schoolers can muster ... I just had to know why. It seemed serious.

Sure, I could think of many reasons to chat with my son - we could chat about manners (the importance of being polite - saying thank you and please), we could chat about sharing or giving, we could even chat about what to build next with legos ... but I really wanted to know what it was that was deemed so important as to motivate him to actually say those words.

I've been remiss in posting for the past few weeks, primarily because I have been sick - not being able to breath puts a kabosh on most activities. Then, being sick and trying to still provide adequate Mommy service consumed any residual energy that existed. So even at this point, my brain is still trying to acclimate to being somewhat healthy again. I seriously couldn't think of what could possibly be the impetus for such "a chat".


"Mommy, I prefer to have my sandwiches not cut in half."

There it is.

I need to go blow my nose ... again.

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