Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Is it lost or just wandering?

I borrow this from J.R.R. Tolkien, “Not all those who wander are lost.” - it's one of my favorite quotes ... as I tender to be one of "those who wander" - or sometimes referred to as "directionally challenged".

For years, I traveled on a regular basis for work ... a different city every week or every few months - but even if it was the same city over a period of say 3 months, it was still a different city from my residence. This having been said, one might surmise that I could navigate fairly well. Well, one would be wrong. Sure, I always got to my destination - always ... but sometimes not by the most direct route.

There are those who have known me for decades who will swear that I have a sense of direction ... and I agree, it is indeed a "sense" of direction. However, I'm not one of those that can visualize a map in my head - let's say my husband for one ... the man who single handed navigated us at night on foot safely through the enchanting (dark and narrow) streets, bridges, and steps of Venice, Italy. If it had been up to me, we would have spent most of the night in a wine bar off the Piazza de San Marco.

So yes, my "sense" of direction usually leads me to somewhere that I might have missed had I followed a map, or directions, or the screeching of the person in the passenger seat urging me to "turn here ... NOW"!

One time, while on a business trip somewhere in the Morgantown, WV area, I ended up in a cemetery around midnight (my friend and coworker in the passenger seat still brings that one up ... she may still not be fully recovered).

Another favorite business trip was spending 2 hours looking for a specific Legal Seafood while in Boston on business and in possession of a GPS in the rental car. That was hysterical - the GPS said, "turn here", my friend and coworker in the passenger seat said, "no, go straight" - he can be slightly ornery just for the sake of arguing, and the ever so creative Boston DOT said "STOP!" by putting barricades blocking the road. We ended up going across a bridge and pulling over to decide what to do, when we looked up and saw the "Legal Seafood" sign.

Anyway, the point is ... and many of you were wondering whilst I was wandering is that sometimes wandering is good, sometimes not following the map brings you to places you might not have found (spooky cemeteries, bus depots in Boston, and magical hidden piazzas). It's good to allow yourself the freedom to explore sometimes - just leave enough time and preferably not during rush hour.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

All things Cardboard

On those rainy days ... when you need a break from doing the "Oh-please-let-them-remove-the-water-ban" happy dance ... you really need to check out the photos on this website ...www.mrmcgroovys.com.

The pictures of the pirate ships and castles will knock your socks off and have you wishing you saved that giant washing machine box ... or send you running into the garage to see how many liquor boxes you can paste together.

I'm not sure exactly how superior Mr. McGroovy's rivets are (not being able to attest to their function personally), but if the people who sent in the pictures used his rivets, then rock on Mr. McGroovy.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Motherhood: Sometimes you just have to suck it up

My 5 year old son says to me, "Mommy, I think we need to have a chat ...". Once I was able to curtail the laughter bubbling up through my throat, my curiosity got the best of me ... as he stared at me with the total intensity that only pre-schoolers can muster ... I just had to know why. It seemed serious.

Sure, I could think of many reasons to chat with my son - we could chat about manners (the importance of being polite - saying thank you and please), we could chat about sharing or giving, we could even chat about what to build next with legos ... but I really wanted to know what it was that was deemed so important as to motivate him to actually say those words.

I've been remiss in posting for the past few weeks, primarily because I have been sick - not being able to breath puts a kabosh on most activities. Then, being sick and trying to still provide adequate Mommy service consumed any residual energy that existed. So even at this point, my brain is still trying to acclimate to being somewhat healthy again. I seriously couldn't think of what could possibly be the impetus for such "a chat".


"Mommy, I prefer to have my sandwiches not cut in half."

There it is.

I need to go blow my nose ... again.