Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I'm still climbing out of the abyss of illness ... every cough leaves a resounding echo in my head and makes my teeth hurt, not to mention the residual aching in every sinus cavity ... but I digress.

I plan to be fully back into training mode by Friday ... I've sent memos to all pertinent body parts. I'll send out the follow ups and do phone calls tomorrow. You really have to get a grip on the situation. Being sick for more than 3 days is completely unacceptable.

I've also alerted my husband, who patiently (with the qualities of Job) nursed both my son and me for days and days that he must not succumb to the wiles of this evil virus flu "thing". He says, "he'll get right on that".

So other than hacking up pieces of lung every few minutes (Doug usually pantomimes picking up something and asks if I want it back) and trying to catch up on everything I've let slide for the last 10 days, it's business as usual.

I've made a few additions to the layout on the blog. If you're still reading every now and again - check out the new "Check out these blogs" section. They're good surfing fun.

More hopefully soon.

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