Monday, February 4, 2008

More lego organization needed

The first week in January, I had a post entitled "Trying to organize my legos". Well, in truth, my legos are still unorganized. At the moment, even Dominic's lego's are unorganized. The creator legos are mixed in with the construction legos, and the castle series legos, and the firetrucks, and the police helicopter ... pieces are everywhere, mainly underfoot in our family room.

As for mine, well - I've signed up for a half marathon here in March (only 54 more days to go) - but I haven't quite focused on it yet. I'm still trying to work through the apathy. I feel terribly behind on everything - it took me an entire day to go through "the mail", there are still Thank you cards to write (for all of you who helped me through the race), taxes, status reports (yes, Doug - I know I didn't turn one in this morning ... but we had to watch the Super Bowl!), and finish packing away our Christmas decorations - The snowflakes are finally coming down from the ceiling in the basement ... I know, it's going to be a difficult adjustment, but it's time. Apparently, there power was sufficient this year to provide two days of snow, however - or maybe that was because I never took them down from last year. Who knows?

So other than the obvious and quite welcomed input of "work through the apathy" ... suggestions on EXACTLY HOW to do that would be good. I guess I could start by organizing Dominic's legos ... or at least picking them up from the floor(the ones that were missed by the wee Prince in his attempt to help clean up), but being the Princess of Procrastination today I have chosen to blog instead of tackling any of these things. Only time will tell what tomorrow's diversion will be. I hope I can get back to "normal" soon - stepping on legos is annoying.

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