Monday, January 7, 2008

Trying to organize my legos

The knee was better by New Year's Day ... still sore, but better. By Saturday, the 5th ... everything was back to "normal". I arrived early to the "last" GTS - we did a warm up lap, we stretched, we ran.

Let me mention that I DID NOT want to get out of bed on Saturday morning. It was 30 degrees when I arrived at the church parking lot where the TNT group meets. T-H-I-R-T-Y ... that's below freezing on the Fahrenheit - if you'd rather convert to Celsius ... click here (geek).

Anyway, it was cold, my leg-o's were cold, my finger-o's were cold, my nose, my ears ... you get the idea.

By mile 3, I was getting warmer ... but my nose was running faster than I was.

At mile 4 (the turnaround point for the day, we were only doing eight), I finally reached a comfortable body core temperature (but I had on 3 layers of clothing).

On the way back, I tried a 2/2 pace (run 2 minutes, walk 2 minutes) ... I liked it, it was fun, especially the part when Jim (the runner with the watch) said " ... and, we're running ... and we're walking ... and now we're running, and now we're walking ..." It reminded me of a cruise director somehow - only I wasn't lounging on the Fiesta deck, sipping a daiquiri - oh and it was 30 degrees outside, not 85 - ok, maybe it wasn't so much like a cruise after all.

I finished at close to a 13 minute pace (including water stops) - so I think the 2/2 pace might be a keeper - the 8 miles went by in a flash ... only 18.2 more to go!

As for organizing my legos this week ... I'm doing alot of mental push-ups ... "I can do this, it will hurt, but I can do it". I'm hydrating and eating carbs and making lists.

But perhaps there are a few more legos under the sofa that I haven't found yet ...

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