Sunday, January 27, 2008

Too good not to share ...

This just in from - in today's motivational email -

"Coach's Notes:
Much has been written about the need for physical recovery. Most experts agree that for the runner under 40 years old it takes about one day per mile to recover. For those of us over 40 it takes about 1 day per kilometer to recover. So anyway you look at it's going to weeks before you can even think about getting back into a training routine.

Being out of that routine can play havoc with your emotions. After all, your life has probably been well organized around your training. Suddenly, that organization is gone. It's easy to feel depressed and out of sorts.

It's easier to understand that your body needs to recover. You can feel the aches and pains. But your spirit is feeing just and banged up as your body. Give it time to heal."

This is in response to the overwhelming favorite question ... "Are you still running?" Well duh, after making myself get out of bed in the wee hours (a.k.a still dark outside) for almost 5 months, I'm not going to stop now. But seriously, I did need just an ever-so-tiny break. But all of that's over now.

It's back to business - only 9 more weeks to the day of the ING Atlanta Half Marathon. I'll keep posting. Does this look like the face of someone who would quit?

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