Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I still can't seem to get focused ... even the simplest task seems overwhelming (i.e. putting Christmas decorations into boxes). I have managed to do laundry and find those safety pins, but I know the real panic (yesterday's emotion was merely a test run) will set in soon.

The following are some comments I've received along the way, since I can't seem to find my own thoughts -

After my first 12 mile run:

"If you flew to the equator and in between pina coladas decided to take a really big ladder and start climbing until you hit the Ozone Layer (unless you picked a place that had a hole in the Ozone Layer, in which case you'd be climbing for a while); you'd have travelled about 12 miles, and by the way you'd have past the height of Everest at the half way mark. Just because you can drive 12 miles in the comfort of your car in 12 minutes (or 2 hours rush hour in Atlanta) doesn't mean its not a distance of some effort. Hopefully the pain has diminished to the extent that you appreciate that !"

OK ... so keeping that in mind, by the time I finish the marathon, I will have made the Ozone Layer round trip and will proceed to tunnel through the earth for 2.2 miles .

After my 20 mile run:

"No, it's not easy, just remember that at 20 miles, you've just done a warm up for a 10K".

Now there's motivation for ya ... OK ... good one ... that will definitely keep me focused at mile 20.

A few days ago from Coach Chuck ...
" ... when you cross the finish line you will be a member of an exclusive group that represents less than 1/10 of 1% of the population of the United States that will ever complete a Marathon."

I have to continue the attempt to organize the legos ... and I don't think they're magnetic.

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