Sunday, December 2, 2007

Spoiler Alert!

It didn't happen ... running 16 miles on Saturday, that is. I only ran eight miles ... ONLY 8. Apparently, the powers that be decided that 16 was not needed after all, since we slogged our way through the rains on Thanksgiving.

Think Hallelujah Chorus!

Thanks to those who sent me positive energy and prayers on Saturday morning. They definitely worked!!!!

I had talked briefly to my mentor on Friday morning and knew that instead of 16, I was probably only going to do 12. I was prepared. However ...

I was a tad late arriving at the GTS ... (read in, people were starting to run as I turned pulled the car into the parking lot. ) I didn't know where I was going and got lost ... but we already know that's a common theme with me.

Mentor Page, waited for me to check in and said, "So are we going to do 12?" I paused, ever so briefly, and said, "Uh ...", about that time Page, said, "OK, how about 8?".

Again, think Hallelujah Chorus!

Until we got to about mile 6.

Things were going well. Page had me laughing most of the way - about mile 1, as we passed dear Margaret and Yo along the way, she (Page) casually tossed her vest to Margaret. To which Margaret replied, "What do you want me to do with this?". As we jogged a little further ahead, Page yelled back, "I'll pick it up later, thanks!" I chimed in with "Margaret, I didn't realize you were Page's valet!" You had to be there, it was funny. There was a bit more friendly banter, but I have to G rate this version of the story.

So onward we went, got a bit turned around on this course - as the majority of the streets were a variation of either Club or Brookhaven (e.g. Club, W. Club, E. Club, Brookhaven, W. Brookhaven, E. Brookhaven - you get the idea) ... and it didn't help much that some of the streets didn't have street signs ... but who's complaining? It was a delightful morning (about 38 degrees and clear).

Maybe because we were running a bit slow and boredom set in, or maybe Page just got a wild hair ... but around mile six, Page said, "OK, Lisa, let's see what you've got - let's sprint to the light post." So I sprinted. Then seconds later, she said, "Let's sprint to the stop sign." So I sprinted. Then she said, "OK, let's sprint to the next stop sign." That's when I said - no, gasped, "But Page I don't see the next stop sign." She said, "I'm sure there's one up there some where." So I sprinted. As we passed a couple walking their dog, I shouted to them, "If you guys see me passed out up ahead, please call 911." The woman yelled that she had a phone so all was good.

As we rounded the next corner, I saw the mythical "stop sign" and had to laugh. It was good to be challenged. We made a quick bathroom break at a Dunkin Donut and Page wouldn't let me get a donut to go (I even argued for a donut hole ... but the answer was still "absolutely not") ... and the fact that I only had my charm to pay.

So about the time, we got to the last water stop (and just short of a mile to go) ... it was all UP HILL. That's when the music in my head changed stations ... think Under Pressure - David Bowie Page wanted me to sprint up the hill. Yes, I said, "UP" the hill. I said, "Page, I'm not going to write nice things about you in my blog." She said, "I don't care." I laughed. She said, "Lisa, dig deep, reach in." I said, "Page, I dug deep about 1.5 miles ago ... I'm done." She laughed.

I said, "Page, I can't feel my toes any more ... " She said, "Think of what your friend is going through, think of the little children that are battling cancer ... they don't have a choice, they have to keep going." I kept going ... albeit not quickly, I kept going.

We breached the summit, I had no idea how much farther we had to go, but I knew the end was in sight. Page stayed a few paces ahead and got to the last intersection. She yelled, "Hurry, we need to make this light ..." the TNT members behind us, "rapidly" approaching, yelled, "wait until the light changes, don't get killed ..." which I heard off in the distance, as Page was dragging me across Peachtree Road (arms flailing ... I wish I had a video).

I was still laughing.

When we got back to the The Big Peach Running Co. (yes, it's a running store in Georgia, what else would it be called?), I was recounting our journey to Margaret, Yo, and Chuck ... when Page jokingly called out, "Lisa, did you sign me back in?" I said, "I'm not Margaret!!!!" Really, it was funny. Margaret and Yo told me that they are the ones that usually "challenge" Page. I said, "Thanks, now she's finally found someone she can "challenge"!" All good.

It was good to be challenged (have I officially used that word enough yet?). So now when I do the 18 miles next Saturday (Dec 9) ... with no chance of a last minute reprieve, I will have Page's voice in my head (and probably at the end, the Hallelujah Chorus!)

P.S. - We were honored to attend a goose bump delivering performance of the Hallelujah Chorus at our church this morning. Amazing.

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