Saturday, December 29, 2007


I missed my first GTS (General Training Session) since Labor Day. Last night while walking upstairs, I managed to twist my right knee somehow. It was already a little sore this week and I've been fighting off a cold or sinus infection, so maybe the low resistance was a variable. I don't know, but now I can't put any pressure on my right knee - which is inconvenient, annoying, and painful (especially when you live in a house with three sets of stairs).

I'm sitting here with ice on my knee (for the second time this morning). I had a horrid night's sleep because each time I turned, I woke up because my knee hurt. Not good.

So I'm running in my head ... and while reading emails this morning, I came across this link that was passed along by a fellow TNT member. It's a movie trailer for "The Spirit of the Marathon". This will give you some sense of my thoughts this morning!

I love the part where one of the runners says, "I'm going to be running for 4 plus hours, I must be insane". For me, I'm going to be running for 6 plus hours, I must be beyond insane. I also like the runner's comment about "the runner's high". He says he only experiences it when he stops running! HA!!!

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