Wednesday, November 7, 2007

More is Less (I almost had it right last time)

Today is my son's 5th birthday (and yes, he did get legos as some of his presents - seriously, what did you expect?) - unfortunately, he is not feeling well (fever and cough) ... so he stayed home from preschool today and we have been watching movies and napping all day. (Just for the record, I'm going to do my training run when Doug returns home - in case anyone is keeping track.) ---> the Legos pictured are courtesy of Miss Heather and Mr. Erik (Great Job!!!! Thanks!!!!)

I'm hoping Dominic will be better by Sunday (which is the official day of his Pirate Party - 12 - 14 boys playing pirate in our back yard - Arrrr!!!!

Anyway, back to More is Less ... I almost had it right in Saturday's post ... here's the email the team received from our Head Trainer, Tommy Owens.

For anyone who has never done an endurance event - this seems like exactly the wisdom you need!

"Phoenix Team,

Congratulations on your commitment and progress in training for your event. As we reached the halfway point, and as the mileage increases, there are certain things that you should remember:.

** You will be experiencing some chronic fatigue. Fatigue is cumulative, and is to expected. To help manage this, be sure that you are training at the lowest level schedule. You will have a good event experience, no matter which level you choose. Close attention to diet and hydration will make you stronger, as well as recover better..

** Recovery from longer training takes time. That is why we are now showing more rest and recovery days and weeks in the schedule.

** Remember, many times “MORE IS LESS”. When determining your day's plan, always use this guideline: “IT'S NOT WHAT YOU COULD DO, BUT WHAT YOU SHOULD DO”.

It is normal and expected to feel some doubt, and concern at this point in training. Vince Lombardi said, “FATIGUE MAKES COWARDS OF US ALL.” We have all experienced these same feelings. I can assure you that you are progressing well. You will find that you will begin gaining more strength and confidence over the coming weeks. We are getting close to our goals.

Thanks you for your continued dedication, and please don't loose sight of the impact you are making in saving lives and finding cures for blood related cancers.

Congratulations on your progress, and best of luck as you continue your journey. You may have heard…the destination is nothing compared with journey, and the people we meet along the way will be the traveling companions of our memories forever.
Coach Tommy"

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