Sunday, November 18, 2007

Eight is Great!

I only did 8 miles on Saturday. It was fine ... it was good. I ran it in under 14 minutes a mile (ok, I know it isn't quite running). I played little mental games along the way ... you know, "I'll just run really, really fast until I get to that mailbox up ahead, then I'll take a break" ... then I would get to the mailbox, and say "OK, I'll keep running until I get to that crimson colored tree" ... and so forth. It was a decent run in all (although when I started it was 33 degrees outside ... and I was cold ... and trying to convince myself that running would keep me warm ... ).

In the end, I managed to run (not slog, not walk, but run) into the parking lot where the team was congregating ... I felt exhilarated. One of the coaches said, "Hey Lisa, how do you feel?" I said, "Not too bad, no tears this week!". He laughed ... it was all good.

I went home, stretched (no ice bath this week, it was really cold outside), ate, stretched some more, went to the chiropractor ... had a photo shoot at the house ... all good. No tears, none at all! I was on a roll!

Dominic was in bed asleep by 8pm. Doug said, "Do you want to watch a movie?" And then it happened ... after a positive, high energy day, feel good day, the "Blockbuster mailer" was opened and the DVD inserted into the player. Heavy sigh - can't quite remember when this movie was actually put into the movie "queue". Must remember to edit it soon.

Griffin and Phoenix.

I cried for most of the two hour duration - tissue after tissue after tissue, it was exhausting. As for the movie, it was a bittersweet love story (Dermot Mulroney and Amanda Peet). Think bittersweet "a la Ali Macgraw, Ryan O'Neal Love Story".

My only comment after it was over was, "I made it through an entire Saturday without sobbing until this movie, I can't believe that I cried through the entire thing! We're only renting comedies from now on."

I'm not making any commentary on the movie itself. Just know that it's a love story with a twist and if you have any even remotely emotional fiber in you, you will cry, it would be highly improbable not to.

Back to running. At some point on Saturday (before the movie), I realized that if I can just figure out how to do 3 - good 8 mile runs in a row, I'll just about have the marathon done. After 3 - 8's, it will only be 2.2 miles to go and that should be easy, um, relatively speaking.

I'm always open to suggestions.

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Anonymous said...

You are doing wonderfully!